Thanks for the guest post from Isaiah Gaines.

By far, my favorite TV crime show is Lie to Me. It’s a Fox series that I watch on direct tv. In the show The Lightman Group, headed by Cal Lightman, use applied psychology to solve crimes. They are all trained to recognize body language, or micro-expressions that individuals are not aware they are sending out. This is all based on real-life scientific discoveries. Through these expressions they can tell if someone is lying or what emotion they are feeling. Of course, they tell about some of these micro-expressions that they are seeing, but it’s fun to try and catch the ones they don’t mention.

Cal Lightman is the main character on the show. He’s divorced with a teenage daughter, which makes for interesting secondary plots. Of course there is no end of material when working with the teenage years. Cal has a very serious personality, which could use a bit of a sense of humor now and again. Jillian Foster is Cal’s right hand. She is in the midst of constant marital troubles, which offers some interesting side plots. Ria and Eli are lower level employees of the agency. Eli has constant dissatisfaction with his job. Ria has a natural gift of reading people, but often lets emotion color her analysis. It’s like they are still in training and not yet up to par with Cal and Jillian.