Guest post by Ronny Mccullough.

There are lots of different shows on television when Thanksgiving rolls around. When this holiday hits, my family usually sits around and watches some good programs and eats a hearty meal. One of the Thanksgiving traditions in my house is to watch March of the Wooden Soldiers. My mom actually plays this every single year and there’s usually a marathon that comes on my TV that lets us all sit and enjoy our favorite movie.

The movie is based on the fairy tale lives of Laurel and Hardy. They get into some really crazy situations involving fairy tale characters like the old woman in the shoe and Little Bo Peep. In the end, Laurel and Hardy get sent to Bogeyman Land and are chased down by these really creepy looking guys who are dressed in fur suits! The whole movie is really hilarious and I absolutely love watching it every year. Even though the film is in black and white, it’s still a huge hit with my family.

After the movie is finally over, we usually all gather around the dining room table and enjoy a fantastic meal that will keep us full for days. Just thinking about the good times of watching movies and eating great food, I can’t wait for Thanksgiving to come! Maybe I’ll catch more Laurel and Hardy the next holiday.