This post is brought to you by ShopWiki UK.


Tis the season to buy awesome gifts for those you love. Okay, so it is not the season yet, but we are getting closer. We will be gearing up our annual My Hollywood Dream Geektastic Wishlist soon, but until than we’re going to continue taking looks at good places to look online to shop.  Today we were provided with a link for ShopWiki UK, an online shopping zone that takes a look at hundreds of different items and is a full directory that compares prices of online stores.  Most online shopping directories only list products from stores that pay them, so there are a lot less options, but ShopWiki lists products from more than 30000 stores, which means better deals and savings. Lets take a look at a few different pages in the directory.

The first page I looked at was for Women’s Fashion Trends. The contents of this page include sections for “Seasonal Trends”, “Classic Trends”, “Related Guides”, “External Links”, and “Related Searches”. In “Seasonal Trends”, there are guides for Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Each of these guides go into detail on a ton of different styles. “Classic Trends” provides information on different trends through the decades. One of the most interesting things about this section is that there are no products or price listings. This is an information zone that tries to help visitors gather info on possible future buys. The next page I took a look at was one called Petite Clothing for Women. In it is four sections, including “Tips on Getting the Right Fit”, “Putting the Outfit Together”, “Related Products and Accessories”, and “External Links”.  The finale section of the site I took a look at was for Party Outfits for Women. This page included information on attire for formal occasions, semi-formal occasions, and casual parties, along with related guides, external links, and related searches.