Guest post by Fletcher Peterson.

No Thanksgiving is complete without our family traditionally watching the TV show, “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”. The show was first aired in 1973, but quickly became one of the countries favorites for the holidays.

Charlie Brown as usual is put into a jam. He and his sister Sally are traveling to their Grandma’s for Thanksgiving dinner, but Peppermint Patty invites herself and all the gang to Charlie’s house for dinner. Of course Charlie doesn’t know how to say no! All the neighborhood kids are headed to Charlie’s house for a big thanksgiving dinner and the only thing he knows how to cook is toast and cereal. I often wonder, where are all the adults!

Linus, Snoopy and Woodstock get to work helping Charlie Brown. Snoopy and Woodstock dress as pilgrims and set the table by throwing the plates like Frisbees. But for all his work Peppermint Patty is furious when all she gets for dinner are some pretzel sticks and jelly beans. Charlie Brown is devastated when Patty tells him he ruined her Thanksgiving dinner until Marcie points out Patty invited herself and Charlie did the best he could. After Patty apologizes profusely, Charlie’s Grandma invites everyone to her condominium for dinner!

Plopping down in front of our Satalite TV and following Charlie Brown through his usual antics has made each Thanksgiving holiday a special one.