The MentalistGuest Post by Hyman Weeks.

On Thursday night I always turn my television to CBS. I love to watch The Mentalist. The lead character Patrick Jane is really very funny. It gives an almost comedic element to the regular old crime drama’s. With his quirky behavior’s and unusual approaches to solving the murders, The Mentalist has become one of my favorite TV shows.

The backdrop of this program is set in California. Patrick Jane is a contractor for the California Bureau of Investigation or CBI. His unique perceptive abilities allow him to read people’s body language and expressions. When it comes to crime solving this gift offers him a good vantage point in picking out the murderers, but it also tends to get him into a little trouble of his own. Somehow this character’s antics always make me laugh, and I know that it seems to be a little strange to laugh at a crime drama, but this show is in a class all of its own.

This show happens to be one of my favorites, and I never miss it. In those rare instances where I can’t be at home on a Thursday night to watch it, I simply set the DVR on my satellite tv and record the episode. I can’t wait until next Thursday to see what kind of trouble Patrick Jane can find.