I already feel like I’ve watched a lot of wrestling this week and I still have Smackdown and Survivor Series to come! We get to see a singles match between Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio before they captain their respective teams at Survivor Series. I was hoping it would start the show but it’s just Del Rio cutting a promo. And it’s MVP who interrupts not Rey Rey. MVP is still ticked off about Del Rio respecting the legends on Monday night. MVP wants a fight but Del Rio is saving himself for Mysterio. So he calls out Drew McIntyre to face MVP.

Here are the teams:

Rey Mysterio, Big Show, MVP, Chris Masters, Kofi Kington

Alberto Del Rio, Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes, Tyler Reks, Jack Swagger

Isn’t it a bit odd to see Cody and Drew on the same team right after they broke up their own tag team? Doesn’t that seem like poor planning on WWE’s part? This is a pretty standard match for Smackdown midcarders, so not bad. I’m surprised MVP wins and without a finisher, just a running kick to the head.

Edge has apparently kept Paul Bearer tied up for over a week. I wonder what he smells like? Edge was on a campaign against stupidity just a little while ago and this, this is stupid. Kane thinks Teddy Long knows where Paul Bearer is and trashes his office when he doesn’t get an answer.

Another Survivor Series preview as Jack Swagger faces Chris Masters. Masters never wins so I can’t see this being the first, especially with the face going over in the prior match. And yes, Masters manages to lock on his deadly version of the (snicker) Full Nelson, the Master Lock, but Swagger gets to the ropes. Swagger gets an Ankle Lock in short order and his submission move wins.

Play dodgeball with a tied up man? Stupid.

Kaval faces Dolph Ziggler and, finally, actually picks up a win. Kaval actually cashes in the title shot he won on NXT for a shot at the Intercontinental title. Talk about aiming low. Still, something else to look forward to on Sunday.

Edge continues to use torture despite being the good guy. He’s the Jack Bauer of WWE.

More Survivor Series preludes as Cody Rhodes faces Kofi Kingston. Here, I can buy either guy as the winner. I love Cody Rhodes leaving the ring to check his reflection after being hit in the face. And getting furious about it to. Like he really believe opponents should know better than to hit him in the face. After a good match it’s Rhodes who picks up the win with Cross Rhodes after grabbing handfuls of tights and hair.

Kane misses his daddy.

There is not enough diversity in the Divas lineup if the buildup to a handicap match is a tag match with the same participants plus Kelly Kelly. It’s way too short and LayCool go over with a double team. Unless Natalya is winning the title Sunday this was terrible booking. And I don’t think Natalya is winning.

Smashing food on a gagged, hungry, fat man may violate the Geneva Convention. And I don’t want to see Kane cry. Ever.

That leaves Big Show to face Tyler Reks. Yeah, that’s not predictable at all. Especially, with the heels up 2-1. Yeah, it’s a squash. They just released Shad and Luke Gallows and they are treating Tyler Reks like he’s never going to be any better than those two were.

Edge and Bearer are at the arena and, in a show this pre-taped, Kane passed Luke Gallows on his way to the parking lot. Edge gets the jump on Kane, literally, when he leaps off a limo roof to knock him over. Then he tosses him into some equipment and takes off with Paul Bearer back in the limo. That really didn’t accomplish much for Edge, did it?

I’d actually like to be able to understand Spanish to know just what Del Rio’s personal ring announcer actually says. The match doesn’t last nearly long enough before Del Rio’s team runs in for a DQ. The face team runs in for a brawl. There’s ten minutes left so, of course, here comes Teddy Long to turn this into a team Battle Royal. Rhodes is out first, actually eliminated by Chris Masters. Masters ends up dumped next. Tyler Reks goes, lasting longer than I expected. McIntyre takes out Kingston to even it up again. Then MVP is quickly out to put the heels back ahead. Show dumps McIntyre and with Show left the faces have the advantage even when it’s even. With Del Rio going next that leaves Swagger to try to hold off Big Show and Mysterio. Swagger seems to think an Ankle Lock will help him eliminate Mysterio. It doesn’t and Show takes him out to leave two faces as winners. That should mean the heels find a way to win Sunday but they sometimes play against trend just to swerve us.

For what seemed like a throwaway addition to the card, a lot of time was spent plugging the Survivor Series match. Kane and Edge was not built that well. Too much silliness and histrionics. The Kaval/Ziggler match was a nice addition but the women didn’t build that well. I guess that makes this a so-so show so far but it got me reinvigorated for Survivor Series so it wasn’t a failure. Expect my PPV recap on Monday. If you’re seeing it I hope you enjoy it.