Wrestling Recap WWE

Time to try to give Smackdown some attention. Green Day is still an immediate draw to the show no matter what the ratings say. We open with Edge, in a match. So far so good. The opponent is Alberto Del Rio so things continue to look up. We get a decent amount of match but, with Edge setting up for the Spear, Nexus arrives and lays out both competitors. We notice now that Barrett and Cena are not here. Big Show comes to the rescue, and Rey Mysterio shows up, then even Kane joins the posse and Nexus get driven off resoundingly.

Teddy Long books Nexus vs. Kane, Del Rio, Show, Edge and Mysterio. Dolph Ziggler is here without his cougar companion. We even get a recap of events from NXT in case you like to watch television on television. JTG is the opponent. Since I don’t watch Superstars I keep forgetting he is still employed. Ziggler destroys JTG and, just when you think Dolph might be learning to stand on his own, Kaitlyn shows up. That draws an angry Vickie to slap her NXT rookie. They end up with a match later.

We have a triple threat coming up between MVP (who has new music), Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre. Since this match will be on Smackdown next week and not at Survivor Series I’m predicting Rhodes and Drew to cost each other the match letting MVP sneak in for the win. At least at first Drew convinces Cody to gang up on MVP then settle things themselves. But, in the end, MVP does come out on top.

Nexus beats up Rey Mysterio putting his place in the 10-man tag match in question. Wade Barrett is in the UK so it looks like these guys went into business for themselves. Otunga is doing all the talking, setting up more tension between himself and Barrett. The Vickie/Kaitlyn match is a disaster, especially since Vickie wins with her feet on the ropes.

Nexus take down MVP and Kaval too. This kills any heat MVP might have built up in the previous match. Speaking of someone usually on Superstars, Chris Masters has to job to Tyler Reks. This is, in fact, a Superstars rematch with Tyler already up by one. I doubt there will be a third match.

Mysterio is just fine for the main event. Everybody gets along at first during the main event and Nexus carry themselves well enough not to look bad. Edge turns on Kane and Spears him but has another Spear ready for David Otunga to win the match. I’m not sure how any of this really helped Nexus.