Well, I had my suspicions after RAW but Joey Styles managed to spoil NXT for me as well. It was unprofessional of Styles to blab on Twitter because there are going to still be some fans who care, but clearly even WWE staff are getting as fed up as we are. When I just want this show to be over I have to write a longer column about it so I can pad it enough to stand alone. Three-hour RAWs cause such issues.

Two episodes after this one and the four remaining diva wannabees (Aksana, AJ, Naomi and Kaitlyn) are tested on how well they know their pros. It’s a Newlywed Game stlye competition. If Joey Styles was unprofessional slagging the show, what is Michael Cole doing? I suspect this is fixed, yet AJ is the only one to go three for three so she takes another competition and is looking good for immunity.

Naomi beats Kaitlyn in a dull match. Even Goldust seems like his heart’s not in this anymore as Aksana tries to suck up to get him back in her corner when she faces AJ. But he backstabs her and she has to go it alone. Man, is AJ flexible. She uses an incredible hanging submission move to pick up the win after the crowd was behind her the whole time.

The second competition is “Diss the Diva” where they insult each other. Since this is audience judged I’m sure AJ or Kaitlyn will win. If Kaitlyn wins it will be a tie and they’ll probably let the audience decide again, so Kaitlyn will win. Aksana is a babbling idiot then attacks Kaitlyn during her turn. Oddly, the audience picks Naomi to win but that only gives her one point and AJ is immune.

The elimination is short and sweet and, if you haven’t been spoiled already, Aksana goes home. After the abrupt resolution of the million dollar belt storyline last night on RAW the writing was on the wall. Goldust wants a divorce. Any smart lawyer will tell you he can have the wedding annulled since it was never consummated. Just like a fake wedding is not going to fool the Immigration officials. I hope Aksana gets a real release and we never see her again. In a few weeks we can say the same for this show.