Guest post written by Laurie Bennet.

I feel so bad about getting all of these really nice Christmas cards every year and having no way to really display them in our home. The year after I get cards a lot of times I’ll cut them up for gift tags and repurpose them that way, but I don’t like to do that during the same year that I receive them.

This year I wanted to find a way to display cards without too much extra work or money, so I decided to do some research online with my clear wireless internet for DIY Christmas card displays. Well, I found several different kinds, but some of them were really involved and I just wasn’t really into that.

I found a Christmas card board that I thought looked pretty easy to make, well at least in comparison to a lot of the other DIY options that I found. It isn’t filled up yet because the cards are just starting to arrive, but I look forward to seeing it that way!