You could have just finished the best independent film ever made. It can be spot on perfect in every way.  But if you have no contacts and no one watches it, you’ll never get distribution. I know, I say this a lot, but networking is essential to the filmmaking process. Last week we had a Daily Filmmaking Tip that involved attending screenings, networking events, social gatherings, and parties to expand your networking base and to meet people in not only various areas of production, but to also meet possibly investors, vendors, and the press.  So, you have met a lot of new people and you have a ton of contact names and email addresses, what do you do next?

Like plants you’ll have to water these new relationships. You need to send them messages via email (or even Facebook) and make sure that you stay in their minds. The Holiday season makes this a lot easier. Don’t be the guy who text message blasts everyone in their phone with a canned message (the same goes for mass emailing everyone!). Be original, send people custom greeting cards with personalized messages to them and reference how you know each other (this is only for if there is a chance they might not recognize your name).  If you have a film, the seasonal greeting card could have a still from the movie or its poster. Remember, these Holiday cards aren’t just to wish them well, you want them to remember you as a filmmaker and to remember your film.