Think back to five years ago. What do you remember? Is it possessions? Items? Or is it good times with friends and family? Is it that awesome concert? A musical show? A baseball or sporting event? The things that stick with us are the experiences of life.  So when buying gifts this Holiday season, why not take a look at one of the many live events around where you live?

There are tons of vendors that Sell Tickets Online . You can buy tickets to just about any type of event around the world without leaving your desk. The idea is to think of the person and the type of event they’d enjoy the most and go from there.  Don’t just limit yourself to movies and concerts. Have you ever gone to a demolition derby, or how about a murder mystery dinner?  Instead of taking a friend to a concert, try hitting up a music festival or even better, a music and food festival.

Other cool and different events could include variety shows, group paintball competitions, and stunt shows. Get your friends and family something that makes them get up and do something fun. Hey, you might enjoy the gift also.