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Being an avid gamer, I’m always interested in seeing game’s being adapted for films. However, with the exception of the first Mortal Kombat film, I’ve yet to see a decent game to film adaptation. From the okay (Prince Of Persia) to the downright just bad (Street Fighter: Legend Of Chun Li, Doom) I could go on but I won’t.

Now the latest one that is apparently being touted is the PS3 game Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. Having played and finished Uncharted 1 and 2, I absolutely loved both games and thought the potential to make this into a film was awesome. For those who haven’t played the game, the lead character Nathan Drake is a descendant of Sir Francis Drake. He’s a treasure hunter and the game basically plays like a modern day Indiana Jones, which is exactly how they should go about the film.

When I first heard that David O. Russell was directing, I wasn’t thrilled, but having seen what he has directed recently I’m willing to give him a chance. Then my enthusiasm was dampened even more when I heard they had cast Mark Wahlberg as Nathan Drake. Wahlberg is a fine actor and I’ve heard his work in Russell’s The Fighter is absolutely top notch, but I think Wahlberg works best in a ensemble film with a good cast around him. When he is the lead the film just seems to fail. He already has one bad video game adaptation to his name in the form of Max Payne, does he really need another? Personally and as a fan of Uncharted I hope he and Russell do this film justice. Perhaps if they surround Wahlberg with a good supporting cast it might turn out good. But with record of the video game to film adaptations not being good, I’m going to be watching this one with caution.

Guest article from Rubin Osborne.

Bea Arthur is best known for her role in the hit television series The Golden Girls. I’ve been watching this particular series since I was about thirteen on my Satalite TV. The show is based on four women who are in their golden years. The women all start out as strangers who are looking for an apartment to share. In the end, they all become amazingly best friends who tell each other every secret of their daily lives. I absolutely love watching the women interact with each other all the time. Bea Arthur plays the tall and smart roommate known as Dorothy. She’s definitely my favorite.

Dorothy is a substitute teacher who usually has trouble finding dates. In most of the episodes, you’ll find Dorothy getting into some crazy stunts and saying some hilarious lines. She has taken her mother, Sophia, to live in the house with her and she’s constantly yelling at her mother to stop saying or doing something. Bea Arthur plays the role absolutely perfectly. Anyone who knows of Bea will know that she is tall and very powerful-looking. She fits the personality of Dorothy like no other actress could. I really do wish that she had stayed with the show longer. I actually can still be found watching The Golden Girls even today, about ten years since I first got hooked onto the television series.

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While it seems awfully soon for another three-hour RAW this is King of the Ring, so I am excited. Welcome to the Era of Awesome as the opening recap reminds us how our new champ became just that. Alex Reilly comes out first. He’s in a suit so maybe he came straight from court? Reilly is here to party, and he’s not afraid to party. Wow. Punk went all in and actually said DUI. Reilly hypes up The Miz but we don’t actually see the champ.

Instead its’ King of the Ring match #1. Alberto Del Rio and his black-eyed personal ring announcer to face Daniel Bryan. I’m going to predict Del Rio wins. The rest of the brackets are John Morrison versus Cody Rhodes (I bet on John), Ezekial Jackson versus Drew McIntyre (Big Zeke to go over) and Kofi Kingston versus Sheamus so I have to think Sheamus. I see an Ezekial Jackson versus Alberto Del Rio final here. Good match and the announce team is actually acknowledging that both these are the future of WWE. Bryan picks up a shoulder injury late in the match doing his usual dive to the outside, and that opens the door for the Cross-Armreaker. Bryan taps awfully fast but I guess the injury protects him.

The announce team’s recap of past winners included Brock Lesnar. They even half-acknowledge his UFC success. R-Truth raps his old theme song for a long time before finally entering the ring. R-Truth is here to say he misses Cena and challenge any member of Nexus to a one-on-one match. He gets Michael McGuillicuddy and I would rather see more KotR. But the camera guy goes down so we can’t quite see the attacker (who is clearly John Cena) takes Mr. Not-So-Perfect down. Good, no match.

Now we move on to Cody Rhodes versus John Morrison. Morrsion finishes with the kick then knee to the temple finish he’s been using lately. The kick is called the Flying Chuck according to CM Punk. Morrison can job to Del Rio next. Something went wrong because Morrison’s lower lip is bloody.

One commercial break later and we go straight into the third match of the tournament. So it’s Vince McMahon’s chosen one against the last ECW champion. Jackson dominates but the action spills out of the ring and this is a double countout. Which means neither man advances. So much for my pool. Whoever wins the next match gets a bye to the final. Which also means they only have to squeeze six matches in tonight, not seven.

Orton is not here tonight. He was actually injured but its minor enough he won’t need more time off. But here’s The Miz. Let’s see if this promo is gold. His suit jacket is actually worse than Cole’s. No flashy celebration just images of a cute kid really P.O.ed at The Miz’s win. I love how Miz can be himself and the crowd hates him. Miz plugs the WWE Championship book and starts running down Legends who never won the title. And that get Jerry Lawler’s ire up. Lawler isn’t impressed with The Miz’s win. So Cole comes to his favorite’s defense. In the end Lawler asks for a title shot. Miz isn’t interested but the General Manager is. And… dear lord, this is going to be the main event?! On King of the Ring night the final is not going to be the main event?! E-GM decides to make it a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match. Jerry Lawler gets his first shot at the title in TLC at this stage in his career? Apparently it’s his birthday.

At least that reduces the announce team to two men as Sheamus takes on Kofi Kingston. In two weeks we have the Slammys, WWE’s self-congratulatory awards show, which may be three hours as well. Punk is making mistakes like calling guys “Wrestlers” instead of “Superstars” but he’s generally entertaining. Far too short a match. Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise but Sheamus rolls under the ropes and avoids a pin. That lets the Irishman hit his Brogue Kick for the pin and a bye to the finals. That makes Morrison more likely to advance than Del Rio, which is a pity.

Now we get a tag match with Yoshi Tatsu and Mark Henry facing the tag champs, non-title. Justin Gabriel’s beard is longer but that doesn’t make it suit him any better. This is just a set-up for Cena to show up, holding a ticket. Slater pays too much attention to Cena and Henry slams him for the win. Then Cena races in and puts Slater though the announce table before high-tailing it away from the rest of Nexus. The remaining members of Nexus decide to call him out later.

So we only have one semi-final match to look forward to and it’s up now. John Morrison and Albert Del Rio are starting to look good when Rey Mysterio distracts Del Rio and gives John Morrison the win way too soon. Wade calls Cena out. Cena replies via TitanTron from the parking lot. Wade sends the other three Nexus to get him then about eight angry RAW faces beat them down. Cena ends up AAing Justin Gabriel into a car windshield and vowing to be back next week. I had no idea who Darren Young was at first because he’s cut the wacky hair and replaced with a hair helmet that may actually be worse.

A six-diva match? Really? When we had to skip a KotR match? It’s not much of a match as Tamita gets serenaded by Santino Marello allegedly playing a Tiffany song on an acoustic guitar. Natalya gets the win since she’s the new champ and no one else in the match is married to The Undertaker.

There’s nothing wrong with the finals of King of the Ring. But it’s not as good as the match we just saw between these two at Survivor Series. And yes, the results are different, as Sheamus goes over here. But this entire tournament has been relegated to second or third most important storyline on this show so all my enthusiasm for it faded away well before the final.

Now we have a main event that’s not going to be a real match. Why is Alex Reilly still carrying the Money in the Bank briefcase? Miz cashed in why carry it any more? It doesn’t take a lot of skill to have a roughhouse match and that’s what this is. Lawler actually manages to put both Alex Reilly and The Mix through tables so Michael Cole ends up interfering to stop Lawler from getting the title. Lawler gets to punch out Cole but, when he and Miz end up fighting on top of the ladder, Miz actually swings the belt into the King’s face. Lawler takes a very careful fall from the ladder and Miz retains. No surprise, there.

So Jerry Lawler’s birthday present is more important than King of the Ring? And really, Sheamus? He’s a two-time world champion, what good does adding King of the Ring do for him? And John Cena hasn’t even paid lip service to being fired. You could see he was wearing a microphone pack in at least one scene. Yes Orton was out and yes, on his 61st birthday Jerry Lawler acquitted himself well, but I was disappointed with the show overall.

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Today’s Daily Filmmaking Tip is a bit different. Sometimes, to hype your completed film, the best thing to do is to party! Attend screenings, networking events, social gatherings, and the like. You have to get yourself out there and make as many contacts as humanly possible. Get to know other filmmakers, film groups, vendors, theater owners and employees, local businesses, etc. Everyone will be the key to getting a good word of mouth for your new film or webseries. Go back to your college or high school and see if they would be interested in screening your movie (or a few scenes) with a Q&A. Talk to the local theater to do pre-screenings and events.

Not only should you attend other people’s parties, but you should also throw your own party. Get creative. Have you ever been to any themed parties? Not only are they a lot of fun, but it sticks with people. I once went to a release party for a horror film DVD and all of the waitresses were dressed as “sexy zombies.” This caught a lot of people’s attention and gave strangers something to talk about.  I know people who have held decade parties, where everyone had to dress in the particular styles of a decade and all of the music and movies they had on fit the time. One of my personal favorite ideas was someone that held a “Heroes and Villains” party where everyone had to dress as a superhero or villain from movies, comics, or video games.

Anyone can gather people together and screen a film at a local bar or apartment. It is what you do to set your screening apart that people will remember. And they will not just remember your party, but also your film.

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After four years of set up (and a bit of a confusing story), Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 has reached its penultimate issue.  Penned by Joss Whedon with art by Buffy comic regular Georges Jeanty, issue 39 has Buffy coming face to face for a final showdown with the season’s big bad, Twilight, who has taken over Angel’s body. Will the Scooby Gang be able to protect the seed and save the world? Who will betray Buffy? Will everyone make it into Season 9? We shall see.

I’m really excited about the current season of Buffy being close to wrapping up. It has had a lot of ups and downs, but I think Whedon and company have finally gotten into the groove of writing and presenting Buffy in comic form. The characters feel and sound like the characters from the series.  When season 9 begins, Dark Horse comics will be publishing the new season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer along with Angel.  My dream scenario would be both series being interconnected and crossing over monthly.

Issue #39 comics out today.

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For so long I have hoped this day would come. The end of season 3 of WWE NXT. Can you imagine if they had started with 8 rookies like the other seasons did? Let’s hope they stick with six when they return to male rookies next season. Cole has to address RAW to start. He claims he’s not even sure why he cost Jerry Lawler the title and that he will speaks to Lawler privately if he is able. But until Monday, he reserves comment.

Vickie still hates her rookie as she introduces her. Naomi doesn’t even get an intro. Kelly Kelly is not here but she sends video well wishes. Letting Kelly speak only hurts her appeal. Kelly does has a good excuse, she’s on the Tribute to the Troops tour. We’re debuting the fourth season rookies tonight and Cole is already demeaning the future.

We’ll see some eliminated rookie Divas in action later when The Bellas team with AJ to take on Maxine, Aksana and Alicia Fox. Oh, it’s now? It’s not much of a match but at least AJ gets to pick up a win over Maxine and she shares a kiss with Primo. Yeah he’ll really help your career.

The last divas get to trash talk each other. Kaitlyn feels Naomi was impressive at first then flatlined. She’s stepped up throughout. Naomi feels she’s ready to go Then she decides to plug herself and say how great it’s been rather than running down Kaitlyn. Next, they have a match. Watching the match I have to agree that Kaitlyn is a poor wrestler even by the miserable standards of the WWE Divas. Yet she gets the win on a terrible looking roll-up. Vickie introduces Dolph Ziggler. He’s a pro next season which means we’re not getting rid of Vickie. Dolph is wearing a sports jacket and a leather tie over a bare chest.

The crazy thing is, other than Kelly Kelly, all the pros are here. This season is so low rent none of them were needed on the overseas tour. WWE promos always make things seem more dramatic than they actually were. So Daniel Bryan has gone from rookie to pro in just four seasons?

They bring back the four eliminated rookies, even Jamie who was legit released. Jamie and Maxine pick Naomi to win. AJ stands by her friend Kaitlyn. Aksana flirts with Matt Stryker before pulling the tired crap of saying she should still win. Alberto Del Rio is going to be a pro? That pretty much guarantees season 4 will be better than 3.

So here are the rookies and pros. Really boring crop of names among the rookies.

Rookie / Pro

  • Johnny Curtis / R-Truth
  • Byron Saxton / Chris Masters
  • Brodus Clay / Ted Dibiase
  • Jacob Novak / Dolph Ziggler
  • Derrick Bateman / Daniel Bryan
  • Conor O’Brien / Alberto Del Rio

And, with little fanfare, Kaitlyn wins. Kaitlyn is certainly a Cinderella story. She was a last second replacement. She had never had a match before NXT. Yet, doesn’t WWE trumpet on their PSAs that these moves take years of training to perfect and do safely? Yet someone starts wrestling on WWE TV? Not a good message. Kaitlyn probably won’t last long. Maybe when she ends up in TNA she can make something of herself.

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