Blackjack Tactics is a website that is an online blackjack guide that looks at the strategy behind mastering the game and becoming a winner. Lets start with the beginning and take a look at the website’s front page.

The website is very basic and doesn’t have a modern feel to it. It feels like a website out of the 1990s. The basic layout is three columns, with the left side being links to sections of the website, the middle being the meat and content of the page and the right side is more links to information pages. One thing that the page has going for it is that it is very clean with big font that is easy to read. There isn’t as much clutter as a lot of the “online guides” have.

Lets take a closer look at the links to the left side of the page. The links are broken with three headers; “Blackjack Basics”, “Blackjack Strategy”, and “Other Blackjack Subjects”. Under “Basics” are links for pages to How to Play Blackjack, Blackjack Tips, Blackjack Odds, Blackjack Rules, and Why Play Blackjack. Under “Strategy” are links for Basic Strategy, Dealer Tells, Card Counting, Strategy Card, Strategy Charts, Shuffle Tracking, Secret Blackjack Secrets, and 12 Hard Core Blackjack Tips. Finally, “Other Subjects” have links for Related Games and Blackjack Websites.

I took a closer look at the sub-pages, here is a screenshot of the page for How to Play Blackjack:

These pages lose the right column, but keep the same basic format. There are larger ads added to the top and middle of the page, which distract from the otherwise detailed information in the beefy section of the pages. This page in particular has more than 800 words describing how to play blackjack and the basic rules of the game.

All in all, if you can look past the basic page design and somewhat annoying banner ads, Blackjack Tactics has a world of information on the game of blackjack and can be very useful for a hopeful player.

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