Guest article from Rubin Osborne.

Bea Arthur is best known for her role in the hit television series The Golden Girls. I’ve been watching this particular series since I was about thirteen on my Satalite TV. The show is based on four women who are in their golden years. The women all start out as strangers who are looking for an apartment to share. In the end, they all become amazingly best friends who tell each other every secret of their daily lives. I absolutely love watching the women interact with each other all the time. Bea Arthur plays the tall and smart roommate known as Dorothy. She’s definitely my favorite.

Dorothy is a substitute teacher who usually has trouble finding dates. In most of the episodes, you’ll find Dorothy getting into some crazy stunts and saying some hilarious lines. She has taken her mother, Sophia, to live in the house with her and she’s constantly yelling at her mother to stop saying or doing something. Bea Arthur plays the role absolutely perfectly. Anyone who knows of Bea will know that she is tall and very powerful-looking. She fits the personality of Dorothy like no other actress could. I really do wish that she had stayed with the show longer. I actually can still be found watching The Golden Girls even today, about ten years since I first got hooked onto the television series.