When people are setting up events, including fund raising parties, screenings, film festivals, networking events, conferences, and premieres, they always focus on getting as many people to come as humanly possible that can fit into the venue. That is all well and good, but not many people take into consideration what they would do with that many people or how to properly control the massive crowds.

I know what you are thinking… Why is crowd control so important? First off, you need to keep large event crowds under control otherwise they can get very unruly  (mob-like) and people can get hurt. Safety should ways come first and be at the top of your mind when planning an event. Second, if used right, controling your crowds can lead to a lot more hype for your project (but more on that later).

Lets focus on the proper tools that you’ll need to control your next crowd. First up, you need stanchions.  These can be in the form of retractable belts or the much more classy and movie star-like velvet rope. Using these y0u can guide people to where you want them to wait and make the line as skinny as you want or as thick as you want. You can break up lines into general admission and VIP.  Then you can use  barricades to section people off exactly how you want them and to make sure they don’t end up where they aren’t supposed to be. When you are controlling a crowd you can use it to your advantage. You can make crowds look bigger than they are by how you position them, and you can keep people waiting and only let in VIPs so people get the perception that your project is very important. The sky is the limit. Use your crowd to your advantage and take control.