Tables and ladders and chairs, oh my! We start Smackdown with those exact things set up at ringside. Starting us out tonight here comes our resident masked luchador, the only masked wrestler left in WWE, Rey Mysterio. Rey’s bitter Alberto Del Rio cost him his shot at King of the Ring. Here comes Del Rio, and you’ve got to love a guy who drives to his promo interruptions. After an exchange of decent promos Rey reveals Teddy Long booked them a match at TLC. Del Rio vows it won’t happen and they face off atop a ladder. Rey pushes Del Rio off then comes out on top of a brawl.

NXT winner Kaitlyn is now on Smackdown. Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyer, who just broke up a tag team, pair up to face Kaval and MVP. All four of these men acquit themselves well in the match until Dolph is able to Zig Zag Kaval after interference from both Vickie and Drew. Then Kane shows up and beats down the faces even more while the heels run. Kane is now going to hold the show hostage. Edge again conveniently shows up on a monitor and claims Kane can come get daddy in the loading dock. But it’s another game of cat and stupid where another dummy Paul gets taken out. Will this ever end?

Kofi Kingston is out to compete for a shot at the Intercontinental title. Jack Swagger is the opponent. These two had a good match last week so let’s see if we can repeat it. I can’t see Swagger facing Ziggler so it seems like Kofi is a lock to go over. Once again we get a fine match. These guys have different styles but mesh well with each trying to control the match in their own way. It’s also a nice long match and there are some great wow moments from Kingston. Kingston finally hits Trouble in Paradise from the outside to the inside through the ropes. It looks great and it picks up Kingston his second win over Swagger in as many weeks, not to mention a shot at the Intercontinental title.

Another dummy goes down a set of stairs. Sadly, it’s not one of the writers.

Chris Masters’ fortunes don’t look good this week as he has to face “Dashing” Cody Rhodes. I enjoy Rhode far more when Jerry Lawler is not present. It’s a competitive match for a while but Rhodes hits his new move A Beautiful Disaster followed by his usual finisher the Cross Rhodes to put Masters away. Rosa Mendes still wrestles? Rosa gets to face Layla. Layla has a move called the Lay Out? It gets a quick win here. A LayCool beatdown gets interrupted, first by Hornswoggle, then by Beth Phoenix. Swagger’s Soaring Eagle shows up for the first time tonight, with a wishbone to pick with Hornswoggle. Beth gets to take down the eagle to show just how tough she is.

Our main event is a preview of the PPV. Kane takes on Edge with the winner choosing the stipulation at TLC. Considering how demented Kane is supposed to be at this point this is a rather tame match, They are certainly saving the big stuff for the Pay Per View. A desperate Bearer shows up on the monitor. Kane chooses to return to the ring rather than save his father but he walks right into a Spear and Edge wins anyway. Edge, of course, choose Tables, Ladders and Chairs. Does that mean their match will be the main event? Edge again tricks Kane, this time with a Paul Bearer look-alike, who suffers Kane’s wrath. Will this never end?

In other news, this was MVP’s last appearance. He has received the release he was looking for and will go elsewhere. Not a big loss as far as I’m concerned. There’s a PPV coming up and we’re getting matches. But this Kane/Edge storyline is just silly and awkwardly staged. I’ll be glad when we move on to another main event feud.