For so long I have hoped this day would come. The end of season 3 of WWE NXT. Can you imagine if they had started with 8 rookies like the other seasons did? Let’s hope they stick with six when they return to male rookies next season. Cole has to address RAW to start. He claims he’s not even sure why he cost Jerry Lawler the title and that he will speaks to Lawler privately if he is able. But until Monday, he reserves comment.

Vickie still hates her rookie as she introduces her. Naomi doesn’t even get an intro. Kelly Kelly is not here but she sends video well wishes. Letting Kelly speak only hurts her appeal. Kelly does has a good excuse, she’s on the Tribute to the Troops tour. We’re debuting the fourth season rookies tonight and Cole is already demeaning the future.

We’ll see some eliminated rookie Divas in action later when The Bellas team with AJ to take on Maxine, Aksana and Alicia Fox. Oh, it’s now? It’s not much of a match but at least AJ gets to pick up a win over Maxine and she shares a kiss with Primo. Yeah he’ll really help your career.

The last divas get to trash talk each other. Kaitlyn feels Naomi was impressive at first then flatlined. She’s stepped up throughout. Naomi feels she’s ready to go Then she decides to plug herself and say how great it’s been rather than running down Kaitlyn. Next, they have a match. Watching the match I have to agree that Kaitlyn is a poor wrestler even by the miserable standards of the WWE Divas. Yet she gets the win on a terrible looking roll-up. Vickie introduces Dolph Ziggler. He’s a pro next season which means we’re not getting rid of Vickie. Dolph is wearing a sports jacket and a leather tie over a bare chest.

The crazy thing is, other than Kelly Kelly, all the pros are here. This season is so low rent none of them were needed on the overseas tour. WWE promos always make things seem more dramatic than they actually were. So Daniel Bryan has gone from rookie to pro in just four seasons?

They bring back the four eliminated rookies, even Jamie who was legit released. Jamie and Maxine pick Naomi to win. AJ stands by her friend Kaitlyn. Aksana flirts with Matt Stryker before pulling the tired crap of saying she should still win. Alberto Del Rio is going to be a pro? That pretty much guarantees season 4 will be better than 3.

So here are the rookies and pros. Really boring crop of names among the rookies.

Rookie / Pro

  • Johnny Curtis / R-Truth
  • Byron Saxton / Chris Masters
  • Brodus Clay / Ted Dibiase
  • Jacob Novak / Dolph Ziggler
  • Derrick Bateman / Daniel Bryan
  • Conor O’Brien / Alberto Del Rio

And, with little fanfare, Kaitlyn wins. Kaitlyn is certainly a Cinderella story. She was a last second replacement. She had never had a match before NXT. Yet, doesn’t WWE trumpet on their PSAs that these moves take years of training to perfect and do safely? Yet someone starts wrestling on WWE TV? Not a good message. Kaitlyn probably won’t last long. Maybe when she ends up in TNA she can make something of herself.