Welcome back to NXT. It seems the team of Todd Grisham and Josh Matthews may be the new permanent team on this show. I am not complaining. We go straight into a challenge and it’s karaoke. See, I was in a good mood at first. Rookies choose a random entrance theme and have to sing it.

Connor O’Brien, the rat-faced guy, is first and he draws Sheamus. This guy is a terrible singer and I think he’s deliberately making it worse. The crowd sure doesn’t like it, but he’s committed and keeps up on the words. Derrick Bateman gets The Miz’s theme. He rasps more than he sings and his tempo is way off but again, at least these guys are giving it their all. Jacob Novak gets his own pro Dolph Ziggler. He sounds like a Dustbuster crossed with Neil Young as he mostly clips the words then draws out the last ones. Let’s see how Brodus Clay does. He has to sing Cody Rhodes’ theme. Brodus has a style that covers his lack of singing skills. Johnny Curtis has to sing Randy Orton’s theme. That’s a damn fine theme and I finally get to confirm I had the words right. It’s is “counsel me.” Again, not so much singing as chatting in a raspy voice. Byron Saxton is the last one and he has HBK’s old music. He at least tries to sing but he isn’t so strong on the lyrics. It’s up to the crowd to pick the winner and they go with Saxton. Saxton was heelish last week but the crowd still seems to be getting behind him. I would think Brodus Clay would have more fans.

Saxton and Masters join up to take on Clay and Dibiase in a tag team match. Brodus at least has some basic big man offence. Saxton, on the other hand, never looks like a threat.  He tags himself in and gets cocky, then eats Dream Street and gets pinned, which makes him look overconfident. What’s crazy is we actually see Daniel Bryan teaching his rookie to do a wrestling move!

I am so bored with the obstacle course. This time they make it worth two immunity points. Jacob Novak goes first and looks like he’s sandbagging the whole way. Byron Saxton has to sell just losing a match so he never has a chance. Connor O’Brien also looks like he’s been told not to win. Derrick Bateman seems to go full bore. He edges out the time to beat and I bet he’s the designated winner. Johnny Curtis falls off the beam to ensure he doesn’t win. And Brodus Clay has no shot here. He just shoves over the barriers instead of climbing over them and also gets DQed. But they give Johnny Curtis another chance. Curtis wins easily so I guess he was the chosen one.

The main event is rookie versus pro as Derrick Bateman takes on Alberto Del Rio. They are playing Bateman as a hothead and that lets Del Rio pick up the win. It’s a really poor match for a main event and the earlier tag match was far superior. Which is too bad, because this season of NXT hasn’t been bad overall. Cole is gone, they are taking the competition seriously since it’s men again and none of the rookies seem like complete wastes.