How lame is my life that I’m home watching Smackdown on New Year’s Eve? Pretty lame. But at least I’m not dating Vickie Guererro. Here she is with Dolph. Vickie is complaining Cena got physical with her when they were in a match. Vickie complains of vertigo. It’s up to Kofi Kingston to try to save us. He points out Vickie had no trouble climbing a ladder at TLC. That draws Jack Swagger to complain as well. Both men want a rematch and when Dolph begs off it turns violent. Kofi clears the ring but Teddy Long is out to book the threeway for tonight. At least after he invites everyone to his New Year’s party.

Our upcoming main event pairs Kane and Alberto Del Rio to face Edge and Rey Mysterio.

It’s Big Show. Let’s see if he’s doing any more than comedic antics to plug a DVD. Well, he’s in a match. That’s something. He appears to be in a full blown feud with Cody Rhodes now. Cody barely gets in any offense during the brief match before he simply walks away. Our first look at Teddy’s party features Drew McIntyre resolving to turn over a new leaf and a “drunken” Chavo who turns out to be drinking non-alcoholic beverages after all. McIntyre is out to wrestle next. Will this be a real match? He’s facing Trent Barretta, who is lucky to still be employed. It’s not much of a match and, just when Barretta is getting in a little offense, McIntrye dodges a suicide dive and Barretta knocks himself out. We get to see Chavo and the Soaring Eagle hug just to confuse things. The four divas we care about get in an argument and Teddy books them in another tag match tonight.

Wait, the tag main event is coming now? What is going to end the show? The Triple Threat? This is a fine little match but there’s really nothing new to note. Del Rio eats a 619 and Spear to give the babyfaces a win at year’s end. But Long is quick to announce Del Rio and Mysterio will tangle next week two out of three falls. While Kane gets a shot at title in a Last Man Standing Match.

The women’s tag match is another example of fine wrestling that isn’t anything special. It’s another case where the faces pick up a win. All four of these women can play to their strengths and Beth’s Glam Slam on McCool looks great too. We get a fun food fight to end Teddy’s party.

At 20 minutes before the end of the show we launch the Triple Threat. It’s another good match that fails to be truly exciting. Vickie keeps Kofi from winning but placing Swagger’s foot on the ropes when Kofi has him pinned. That lets Ziggler sneak in and retain his title yet again. But just how long can they keep the belt on Ziggler and is it really helping him at this point?

On paper this was a great show. There was a lot of solid wrestling action but, in the end, it felt like treading water. It was full of rematches and rehashes of TLC matches and did nothing to push things forward heading for the Royal Rumble. It may just be a problem of there being too much time between two Pay Per Views and that has left us spinning our wheels for now. We should move forward in the new year although the threat of a John Cena injury may shake things up.

As I write this it’s just past 11:30 p.m. on December 31. This has not been the best year for me. So I hope for a better year ahead, not just for wrestling fans, but for all of us.