Last stop before the Royal Rumble by recapping The Corre’s debut and the injury of Teddy Long. Because Teddy Long sells Pay Per Views. Here’s Vickie Guererro and I’m going to have to admit her heat is real, not X-Pac heat. Dolph still needs to turn on her after he loses at the Rumble. Smackdown needs faces and Ziggler needs to get some experience playing that side of the fence too. Vickie is in charge but gets interrupted by Randy Orton. Thank you Matt  Striker for telling Michael Cole he doesn’t count. Randy Orton is actually being polite and thanking Vickie for inviting him to Smackdown. Then he steals her catchphrase to threaten Ziggler and The Miz. Dolph comes out to save his squeeze and demand respect for them both. He needs to earn his respect and taking an RKO is one tiny step closer.

Lay-Cool take on Kaitlyn and Kelly Kelly. They turn the tables on the heels by attacking pre-match but still lose in short order. Drew McIntyre is up after the commercial. Kelly is still at ringside as Drew faces walking stereotype JTG. Drew wins, of course, but walks off before KK can enter the ring to talk to him. Cody Rhodes, facing away from the camera, cuts the promo of his career. His face is destroyed and he’s out of the Royal Rumble but what a hate he has on for Rey Mysterio. Suddenly I want to see these guys fight on a Pay Per View. Wow. Rhodes just shot way up in my esteem.

Michael Tarver is still here. Sidenote: Vince McMahon thinks Skip Sheffield can be the #2 babyface in the company. Alberto Del Rio is here too… but you already know that. Del Rio promises an exhibition Royal Rumble with 39 competitors entering at thirty second intervals. Are they really going to waste 20 minutes on this? No. Del Rio eliminates two ham and eggers then Kane enters third. Del Rio survives until Kofi Kingston shows up fourth and eliminates them both! Kane and Del Rio look to even the score until Rey Mysterio enters fifth. Vickie Guererro steps in to put a stop to this madness and replace it with a tag match with the logical pairings. It’s a good, long, match and the faces win on cohesiveness when Kane walks out on the match.

We need to see the Big Show before the rumble so here he is. Show is used to being the guy people pick to make a name for themselves and The Corre has made him angry. And that draws The Corre out to face him. Show asks them to face him one-on-one. Heath Slater is stupid enough to enter the ring alone and a ref decides to call it a match. Slater is little more than a sacrificial lamb as Show defeats him easily.But Show can’t fight off the other three so the locker room once again starts to empty. Big Zeke holds off challenger after challenger before The Corre is forced to retreat.

So, after what seems like a short time, we come to the main event. The Miz must join Dolph Ziggler to face the reunited team of Rated RKO. It’s a very good match with annoying commentary. Miz is no longer looking like a useless sneak. Edge takes Ziggler down with a Spear and wins the match. So Vickie Guererro bans the Spear by declaring it an illegal move. If Edge uses it at the Rumble he loses the title. Is that really such a big deal? Edge has other finishers from the past he can bust out. Edge Spears Ziggler thrice to be contrary.

A solid go home show before the Royal Rumble. I’ll be live blogging the show but not live updating it. You may not get as detailed a recap as normal but my new laptop should allow me to take down some thoughts as we go. I always love the Rumble. Let’s see if I love the Super-Sized version.