At My Hollywood Dream we get asked to take a look at a lot of different types of websites, from websites for movies and web series, to entertainment sites, fashion and design, news, and even stuff like T-Shirt designers and gaming centric websites. Today I got a chance to take a look at (aka Free Blog Hosting @, a website that can be very useful to independent movie makers.

The website lets anyone that is interested come to them and easily create a free blog that Okay Blog hosts along with a short and easy to remember domain name. All of the blogs are powered by WordPress blogging software (this is the same software that keeps My Hollywood Dream running). First off, I went through the steps to creating a blog, which only took moments. The website is very efficient and lets you get right down to business. Before I get a head of myself, lets take a look at the website’s front page:

The design is very simple, with a blue theme along with blue links. The main box at the top of the page lets you sign up for your new blog, and under it is a mix of recent posts by people who have created WordPress blogs on On the right side column is a search bar, under it are links for different sections of the website, including “Login”, “Create a new blog”, “Free blog directory”, “Recent Posts”, and “Contact”. Under those links are links for Site News, Updated Blogs, Most Popular Blogs.

All in all the site layout is very simple but effective. It lets you sign up directly for a new blog, while it also promotes blogs that are hosted for free on their website. I took the time to check out a few of the blogs with “Recent Blog Posts” that were featured on the front page. Two things to note… 1) all of the blogs that are linked to featured a unique design and theme, which makes me think that the website allows you to choose between multiple different looks. And 2) all of the “Recent Blog Posts” were a bit dated with the most recent being made in December of 2009. I’m not sure if the feed is just old or if there has been a bit of inactivity on the website. If you want to start a blog, this is a good place that can get you set up rather quickly. You might as well give it a shot.

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