It’s time to test if my new laptop makes recapping Smackdown any easier. I start my new job Monday so I splurged for new hardware. A reminder, I am no longer covering NXT or TNA. But congratulations to Ken Anderson on a world championship. Tonight Show v Wade. Expect the supreme court to be paying close attention. Also, Dolph Ziggler on The Cutting Edge, Edge’s personal talk show.

We are opening with Alberto Del Rio, but you already know that. He mocks the south. Since he has been on RAW so much here’s R-Truth under the equal time provision. Yes you can call Roberto Rodriguez creepy looking but that’s pedestrian. Call him Weirdly Gruesome and you’ll earn some props from me. Cody Rhodes is third to join the fun. He’s in the Rumble too. Is this really Rhodes’ fourth Rumble? Wrestling ignores the comedy rule of three so here comes Rey Mysterio. Rey is a former Rumble winner so at least he knows what he’s talking about. The heels are getting along, as are the faces, so don’t expect a Fatal Fourway. Cody steals R-Truth’s catchphrase which leads to a brawl. Smackdown has a GM with a face and he’s out to book a tag match. And it’s after the commercial!

How long is it going to be a big deal that Cody Rhodes doesn’t wear knee pads? This match takes us well into the show and is up to Smackdown’s usual high standards. R-Truth looks bad when he makes it obvious he’s watching Rhodes so he can time his tag properly. The faces need a win here and they get it when Mysterio prevails over Rhodes. Cross-branding doesn’t feel special any more so neither did this match.

Why is JTG still employed? Wade Barrett thinks he’s Julius Caesar. I would not order Little Barrett’s pizza. Would Ezekial Jackson show up live already? The promos are fine but we need more. Trent Baretta is set to lose to Drew McIntyre. Trent’s another guy I don’t see a future for. And, just like when I wrote off John Morrison, Trent actually picks up the win by countering a Press Slam of Death into a simple rollup. It wasn’t an impressive win but a win at all is cause for this guy to celebrate. Drew is beating down Trent but gets caught by Kelly Kelly.

Show v Wade is at the mid-point of the show so I guess our “main event” will be The Cutting Edge. Before we get very far Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel show up and attack show for the DQ. Then I get my wish as Ezekial Jackson shows up too but just stands on the apron. Show disposes of all three of the Ex-us but then Jackson attacks him. Jackson bodyslams Show in a solid fashion. So it’s like a Nexus spinoff with another new member? I can’t say I’m keen on turning Nexus into franchises. And SD is in real need of a decent face yet they make Jackson a heel?

Beth Phoenix has a match with Michelle McCool. McCool works the leg through most of the match so the booking is logical. Beth goes for the Glam Slam but McCool reverses into a rollup. It looks like McCool will win until Beth reverses the rollup into one of her own and picks up the win. More interesting than TNA women’s wrestling lately. And Awesome Kong is under contract now.

I do not want to see Vickie Guererro act. Or rub noses with Dolph Ziggler. The crowd loves Kofi Kingston despite his less than stellar promo skills. Jack Sssswagger interrupts his celebration. It’s always tough to make a former world champion seem legit interested in a secondary title. But Jack comes out to trade insults and it leads to a non-title match. These guys make up for a merely ok promo with a fine match. Despite it being non-title it’s too soon for Kofi to lose so he wins here. Swagger kicks out just after three so expect this feud to continue.

The fact this Cutting Edge is even happening tells us Ziggler won’t face Edge until the Royal Rumble. Didn’t the Cutting Edge used to have as set? We get some footage of Edge cheating on Vickie in the distant past and Dolph cheating on Vickie in less distant times. Still, not much of a segment Even Vickie trying to attack Edge isn’t special but the tease of a Spear on Vickie gets us somewhere. When Vickie finally takes a real bump the crowd is going to explode.

Any show would be a letdown after last week. But this wasn’t bad. The final segment was not worth ending on. I always prefer to end on a match but this was sub-par. Nexus 2 is worrying, JTG needs to go and, overall, the promo work wasn’t up to snuff so this comes off as a weak episode.