If you have followed the world of micro cinema, than you are likely familiar with Microcinema Scene, a blog from years ago that focused on the filmmakers who tirelessly work to create movies with a lack and funds but a creativity and enthusiasm that a lot of Hollywood productions lack.  The website has changed face over the years, turning from the blog into the community based Common Film, and now is known simply as Film Rogue. Along with their recent changes, the website has a new focus, to redefine Self-Distribution for micro (and no) budget features and short films.

The model of distribution takes your movie away from the current studio system, where they take 90% of your movie’s profits, and puts it back into your hands. Film Rogue is offering a non-exclusive deal where you send in a DVD of your  feature or short, and they take it and format it as a downloadable digital file (both a DVD quality version and a mobile version). They set up a product page for your film and advertise it on their website, along with their new releases, titles with the best reviews, and the most sales.  People can buy it directly off the product page. You set your price and take home 80% of all the sales (Film Rogue’s 20% cut is to help cover site operating costs and bandwidth).

The website’s suggested pricing includes:

  • Feature Films: $2.99 – $4.99 for DVD versions, $1.99 – $3.99 for mobile versions.
  • Short Films: $0.99 – $2.49 for DVD versions, $0.75 – $1.49 for mobile versions.
  • Very Short Films: $0.50 – $0.99 for any version.

Will you make a ton of money? I doubt it. But you might make a few bucks while getting your movie out there. And you’ll fully control the destiny of your film. For more information, check out the press release on Film Rogue’s website.