This year we’ve had an onslaught of pilot news. Just this past week we learned about new pilots with Michael Emerson and James Van Der Beek, along with who will be portraying Wonder Woman. But the news I got sent to me this morning is without a doubt the coolest pilot plot summary that I’ve heard yet. It is a fantastic twist on the zombie horror/survival genre.

Warner Brothers has entered production on Awakening for the CW over in Toronto.  The pilot script was written by experienced television writers William Laurin and Glenn Davis and is being directed by David Von Ancken, who has directed episodes for shows including Californication, Cold Case, CSI: NY, and most recently The Vampire Diaries.

Now that I got the basic information out of the way, listen to this plot summary (I can not confirm or deny the details, but I hope it is legit):

Centers on two sisters who come of age and face off against one another amidst the beginning of a zombie uprising. It centers on the older one, who is a public defender. Jenna Lestrade is a hard-working public defender who is very much in love with her handsome boyfriend, Matt. But Jenna has a shocking secret that she had been hiding for years. She is a zombie — one of thousands who pass as humans and live among everyday people in everyday jobs. It’s a strain for Jenna to pass as “normal” – and it’s even more of a strain because the “pre-dead” (i.e., alive) Matt has no idea of her true nature. Meanwhile, the ranks of the Living Dead are being transformed by a mass Awakening, in which the hidden zombies are coming out of hiding to express themselves as who they are — not to mention hunt for fresh meat. The last Awakening, some 40-plus years ago, proved disastrous for the Living Dead, who were hunted down by deadly Hunters who destroyed them like rats.

Okay, who doesn’t want to watch Awakening right now? I hope that the pilot is good. And even more I hope that next season we have more zombies on television (the wait until October for more Walking Dead episodes is too darn long!).