Oh, what I wouldn’t give to go on location to a nice tropical place or anywhere that is beautiful and warm (and a little less smog filled than Los Angeles).

I just got off a shoot in Martha’s Vineyard – now I know what you’re thinking; “What an awesome place! Even the President stays there on vacation!” Yes, he does, but in the summer. We shot for two grueling weeks in the winter. We faced off with two blizzards, monsoon rain storms, flooding, roads made of pure ice, and every horrible weather condition that you can face in the middle of nowhere on an island in the winter.

Now, I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea, I LOVE WHAT I DO. I think I’d just love it a little more if I were doing it in a nice warm (environment that doesn’t want to kill me) location. Maybe somewhere close by in California, like Del Mar. There are tons of possible locations in the city and in San Diego. And if you need to rent a Del Mar home for the crew and cast, the real estate isn’t that bad now a days for short term rentals.  Plus you’ll have dream weather. You can take a dip in the pool after a long day of shooting.

Now, I’d be down for some other locations also, how about Florida or Hawaii?  Florida you’ll have to face off with the random rain shower and it is a wet/sticky hot, unlike California’s dry heat. Hawaii is pretty perfect, Lost shot there. The new Pirates movie also shot on their islands. The big thing you’ll have to face with Hawaii is the long trip getting there and everything is a lot more expensive on the islands (don’t even get me started about the costs of gas – or milk!). The big thing is finding a place that is right for your script and is a nice area to be. A place that is friendly to your crew and will not having them running and hiding from the elements.