What do you get when you cross Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with Jack the Ripper? A really badass idea that I can’t wait to check out. Dark Horse comics presents The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde #1 written by Cole Haddon with art by M.S. Corley, both newcomers to the business. Over on the Dark Horse blog, Haddon says the book started as “a homage to Hammer horror” and quickly turned into “a love song to the whole of the gothic horror… from silent horror movies, to Universal’s monster movies and producer Val Lewton’s horror oeuvre, to directors Tod Browning and John Brahm, to Mario Bava’s terrifying and often twisted works.” Personally I’m a huge fan of classic horror movies and monsters and it is really nice to see a throw back to those times and themes.

Here is Dark Horse’s official description of the first issue of the series:

Sometimes good police work just isn’t enough, as Inspector Thomas Adye of Scotland Yard finds out when he’s assigned to the Jack the Ripper case. He’ll need the guidance of imprisoned madman and amoral libertine, Dr. Henry Jekyll, whose mind-splitting serum Jack might be using to commit his bloody murders. Part 1 of Hyde sets in motion events that will pit London’s two greatest monsters against one another. Will Adye — and his soul — survive intact?

The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde #1 hits stand tomorrow, April 27th.