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Guest Author: Jonathan Suarez.

I thought that the hardest part about moving would be the packing and unpacking, but I was very wrong! Really, the biggest struggle for me turned out to be utilities which were something I hadn’t really put any thought into at all! I had researched WIRELESS INTERNET COMPANIES pricing before I moved in, so that actually wasn’t a big deal. I had it hooked up before the big move and everything’s been fine since my first connection. My water, on the other hand, was not so easy. When I first got here everything was turned off so I couldn’t even flush the toilets! It took a day and a half, but I finally got that worked out with the water company. After a similar episode with the power company I thought I was finished… that is until I realized I’d forgotten to set up trash pick up! It took them three weeks to get me into the rotation and my trash situation became pretty gross pretty quickly. I’m glad that’s all over with!

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Disney/Pixar has revealed the fist plot details (and the above logo) for their upcoming prequel to (my personal favorite Pixar flick) Monsters Inc! From The Disney Blog:

Billy Crystal and John Goodman reprise their roles as Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan. In the original they were an inseparable pair, but that wasn’t always the case. When these two mismatched monsters met at school they couldn’t stand each other. “Monsters University” unlocks the door to how Mike and Sulley overcame their differences and became the best of friends.

While I would still love to see a movie set after the original (as a prequel this one can’t feature Boo – BOO!), I am still really excited about revisiting Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan. The chemistry between Billy Crystal and John Goodman is spot on (rivals even Tom Hanks and Tim Allen in the Toy Story series) and the world of Monstropolis was so vividly created in the original. I’m ready to attend Monster University in June 2013 (I just wish it was sooner).

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This post brought to you by TwoOfUs. All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you the type of person who watches 80s romantic comedies for relationship advice? While Patrick Dempsey might be entertaining, I would not follow his lead. Instead you should head on over to and get some real tips on keeping your relationship fresh

The website features sections for dating, exclusive relationships, engaged, married, and parents with experts that answer a wide range of questions from all different types of people.  The advice on Two Of Us is shared with visitors through Podcasts, videos, and articles, which really does give something for everyone.  Personally, I love hearing about other people’s experiences and thoughts on what helps/hurts the future of a relationship. With the Podcasts, you can put them on in the background as you are doing something else. The website is very visual with lots of pictures and videos.  I explored the advice section for married couples, and there was a subcategory for Marriage Skills. Located here are Podcasts for energy drainers, dealing with baggage, and how to improve your marriage without talking about it.

The website also features a 9 chapter video interview series with CSI: NY‘s Hill Harper as he discusses everything from marriage, healthy relationships, getting perspective and resources to help improve relationships. 

If you are a fan of the site, you can head on over to their Facebook page and like it. I’m sure your friends can use some relationship advice too!

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Hollywood The Game (HTG) is a Hollywood & Filmmaking Simulation Game that is open and free to players of all ages. Players can take the roles of studio heads, producers, critics, journalists, marketing agents, creative companies, real estate agents, and casting agents to name a few.

The backbone of the game emphasizes the producer/writer career, in which a player has the chance to write, cast, market (make posters, trailers, ads, etc. for your film), and produce their own films. The film is then released into HTG theaters, getting reviews and feedback from the rest of players, as well as receiving money from the HTG box-office. Everything in this game is simulated, including the films, (i.e., they’re not real films; just scripts, summaries, short stories, etc.), money, possessions, and posters and ads. Overall, it is a completely free, fun way to hone your screenwriting skills while having fun with a game at the same time.

You can access the site by clicking on this link. The game is finishing up its 10th session of virtual television and is entering a epic summer movie season that includes a new Batman adaptation, along with remakes of Hellraiser and Friday the 13th, and a ton of original pieces that producers are hoping to blow you away with! Hope to see you in Hollywood: The Game!

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This post brought to you by ogilvy. All opinions are 100% mine.

We heard the rumor over and over throughout the years that print newspapers are dead and that paper books are on their way out. But that took on a whole new meaning with the creation of e-readers and of course the iPad. Personally, the paper aspect might be on the way out, but the iPad has taken newspapers and books to the next level. As a kid I used to image a future where books, news and articles magically downloaded right into your hands rather than having to go to the store to buy them. I thought it would be cool if pictures moved, breaking news actually appeared then and there. It all seemed like sci-fi stuff back than. On the level of flying cars and robot football.

Well, we might not have the flying cars and robot football, but newspapers and books have reached future levels.  On April 12th, a pretty cool new “appazine” was launched for the iPad, the collection, a monthly look at globally relevant topics whose goal is to “excite and challengae” readers. Going back to the idea of future-istic newspapers and magazines, the collection is highly interactive that gives different readers a different experience based on the features they enjoy and focus on. Some of the features include panoramic photography, audio, video, 3D digital animation, creative morphing, rubbing, and X-Ray lens, and get this, the appazine is being released simultaneously in three languages; English, German, and Chinese.

You can download the collection directly from the app store on the iPad. They are currently holding a contest where you have to tweet to enter for a chance to win an iPad (along with a free 7 month subscription to the collection)! All that you have to do for your chance to win is tweet this message: Stay up-to-date with current events by using #thecollection iPad App. That’s it!

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Home Alone house for sale, child security system not included!

Are you tired of leaving your kids home alone in your house while you go on trips to try to teach them the valuable lessons of self defense that you learned as a kid by watching Home Alone over and over? Well, for a cool 2.4 million dollars, you can teach them these lessons in the actual house from the movie! (please note, I’m not seriously suggestions that you leave your children home alone, or am I?)

The large red brick home located north of Chicago is up for sale, more info can be found on their Facebook page. To steal a phrase most people use to describe the original Indiana Jones flick, the original Home Alone was lightning in a bottle and perfectly captured every child’s fantasy of being left home alone, showing that adults that they could not only fend for them selves, but all ward off criminals at the same time (even if it might wreck the house a little bit in the process.

While I don’t have the cash to buy the home, I hope a diehard fan with children does have the money and not only buys it, but attempts to recreate scenes from the movie via YouTube.

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This post brought to you by FRESCHETTA®. All opinions are 100% mine.

Okay cats and kittens, it is that time of the year again… Lets kick off the summer movie season with a new My Hollywood Dream contest, thanks to the kind folks at FRESCHETTA® Simply…Inspired™. Put your thinking caps on and look forward to the summer movie season.

We have such movies as Fast Five, Thor, X-Men: First Class, Green Lantern, Cars 2, Transformers 3, and the final Harry Potter coming to theaters (among many others!). What we want you to do is form a guest list with up to 5 fictional characters to make the most entertaining Hollywood Pizza Party that you can think of.  Do you think Professor X from the X-Men would have a enlightening conversation with Winnie the Pooh? Who do you think would win in in a game on the Wii, Megatron or Captain America? Take your guest list and post it in our comments and the best one (chosen by our panel of judges) wins…

A free FRESCHETTA® Simply Inspired pizza along with an awesome bamboo cutting board (pictured at the bottom of the article!).

I am actually eating the Rustic Pepperoni Pomodoro as I write this. It includes thick slices of pepperoni, mushrooms, and red peppers with mozzarella and gouda cheeses over a light red sauce. It is only one of the eight distinctive flavor varieties of pizzas they offer. The other flavors include Tuscan Farmhouse, Chicken Bianco, Hawaiian Style, Harvest Supreme, Farmers Market Veggie, Southern BBQ Recipe Chicken, and Classic Bruschetta. There really is an inspired taste for everyone. The crust is thin and crispy and there are a variety of spices on every bite.  They also use a FRESCH-TASTE SEAL™ packing that keeps the flavors contained while helping the environment by using 30% less packaging material. Head on over to Freschetta Simply Inspired to learn more about their different types of pizzas.

And remember to leave a comment with your ultimate Hollywood Pizza Party guest list, with fictional characters from upcoming movies. You might take home some free pizza and this awesome cutting board…

Don’t forget to support Freschetta by checking out and “liking” their Facebook page. The fine print: must be over 18 and a resident of the United States to enter and win the prize. (1) Winner will be drawn on Saturday May 14th, 2011. Have fun and good luck!

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