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Are you the type of person who watches 80s romantic comedies for relationship advice? While Patrick Dempsey might be entertaining, I would not follow his lead. Instead you should head on over to and get some real tips on keeping your relationship fresh

The website features sections for dating, exclusive relationships, engaged, married, and parents with experts that answer a wide range of questions from all different types of people.  The advice on Two Of Us is shared with visitors through Podcasts, videos, and articles, which really does give something for everyone.  Personally, I love hearing about other people’s experiences and thoughts on what helps/hurts the future of a relationship. With the Podcasts, you can put them on in the background as you are doing something else. The website is very visual with lots of pictures and videos.  I explored the advice section for married couples, and there was a subcategory for Marriage Skills. Located here are Podcasts for energy drainers, dealing with baggage, and how to improve your marriage without talking about it.

The website also features a 9 chapter video interview series with CSI: NY‘s Hill Harper as he discusses everything from marriage, healthy relationships, getting perspective and resources to help improve relationships. 

If you are a fan of the site, you can head on over to their Facebook page and like it. I’m sure your friends can use some relationship advice too!

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