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Are you a fan of smooth premium dark rum? Than I am sure that you are familiar with Zacapa premium dark rum. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the brand, it began in 1976 in an eastern Guatemala town of the same name. As they celebrated their centenary, they used locally grown virgin sugar cane honey to develop a new kind of rum and aging process. More than 2300 meters above sea level are the Quetzaltenango highlands, which are home to one of the world’s highest ageing facilities. The process is called Sistema Solera and it is based off a process that was developed some 500 years ago by Spaniards to age sherry. Every drop of Zacapa run passes through several casks that originally housed American whiskey, Pedro Ximenez wines, and Oloroso sherry. As it passes from cask to cask is picks up flavors from each of the original occupants, which helps give Zacapa its own distinctive taste.

The fine folks at Zacapa have formed a new society for rum lovers, it will offer visitors exclusive details on the brand along with specials, gifts, and contests. To join the Zacapa Society, simply register your interest at Zacapa premium rum.

Personally, I love a fine aged rum. It is a perfect drink to celebrate an occasion with friends and family. It is also a good drink to spotlight at an event. For your next movie premiere or web series showcase, why not serve Zacapa run in your VIP section or use the rum in a special made drink just for your movie (you can even name the new drink after a character in the film or even the film’s title).

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