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Because of My Hollywood Dream, I get to check out a lot of different types of products and services that I normally would not even think twice about. Today I was introduced to Net10, a cell phone service that just might steal you away from Verizon and AT&T with their unlimited plan. First check out this commercial for their product: “Cute NET10 commercial“.

Net10 offers multiple plans, including an Easy Minutes Plan that lets you pay as you go and starts with a price as low as fifteen bucks for two hundred minutes, but the best deal in my mind (and I mean best deal of any provider) is their fifty buck unlimited plan.  Yeah, a set price of fifty bucks for unlimited minutes, unlimited text messaging, and unlimited web surfing. Verizon and AT&T are both much more expensive and neither provider even offers an unlimited web plan anymore. A cool feature of Net10 is the ability to switch between their plans to best suit your particular needs in a given month. Don’t think you need the unlimited plan next month? Just switch it to the two hundred minute plan and save a few dollars.

How about Net10’s actual phones? What are they like? Well, they have a little something for everyone. They have simple phones that can text and make calls for under fifteen bucks. They also have phones with “essential features” (camera, video recorder, blue tooth, web) for under forty bucks, and get this, touch screen and full QWERTY keyboard phones with app capabilities for under sixty bucks. When was the last time you were able to buy a phone for under a hundred dollars?

Need some more reasons to make the switch to Net10? How about these 10 Good Reasons? You can also check out this testimonial from one of the actual Net 10 customers: “Real NET10 customer

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