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Win 500,000 Delta SkyMiles® with Travelpro®

I absolutely love contests and have for as long as I can remember. The excitement that comes from winning a prize for doing nothing is awesome. I’ve won at least a T-shirt and DVDs off Internet contests pretty much every year. We used to spotlight a lot of contests here on My Hollywood Dream, but we have since switched our focus away from those for a bit. When I heard about the grand prize for the TravelPro sweepstakes I couldn’t resist but to write about it. What is it you ask?

Win 500,000 Delta SkyMiles® with Travelpro®

That is right, the grand prize for the TravelPro sweepstakes is 500,000 miles from the Delta SkyMiles program. That is enough miles to do a lot of traveling (and boy do I need a vacation!). They will also give you two Travelpro Rollaboard bags to make traveling (when you use those miles) much easier. At least now you will not have to worry about using your old luggage that is being held together by duck tape. So, what do you have to do to enter the sweepstakes? It must be something big, like run a marathon or buy a ton of their bags, right? No! Entering is a piece of cake, just head on over to the link in the first paragraph and fill out the registration form and voila, you are entered to win more miles that you can even think about using them for. It is that quick and that easy.

The contest is being held by Travelpro; a luggage manufacturer that makes travel bags of all sizes, including those very handy bags with four wheels on the bottom that can let the bag roll in any direction. Good luck with the contest! (if you enter and win, please take me to Hawaii with some of those miles!!)

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