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Today we’ll be looking at the first episode of the Untitled Jersey City Project, an eight part web series with the quality and ambitions of a Cable series drama.

The first episode is two minutes long and introduces audiences to Frank George, an up and coming architect, who gets a call from his partner Ray Rahne. After the sound of gunshots, the call is cut off and Frank races to the construction site to find Ray dead. What follows is a modern noir; who killed Ray? What is going to happen to Frank? For that you’ll need to watch all of the episodes, but don’t expect answers to every question just yet. The acting is top notch and the production values are awesome. The show takes place in Jersey City (as in the title of the series) and they make the location shine. As with all noir, the city is a character in and of itself. The atmosphere lends to the mystery.

The series develops a lot of ideas and opens a lot of doors, but doesn’t close them. This gives the show a strong start to work from in future seasons of the show or if they expect to turn into a full length series. One thing that sets this web series apart is that it is from FX Networks and is labeled as a work-in-progress television series. You can get more information about show and even help name it at the link above.

Check out the video below for the first episode and don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!

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