Guest post written by Liz Byrd.

I don’t really think that Sarah Michelle Gellar has been not getting work or anything. She’s had a kid! But at the same time, she’s been out of the spotlight for a good while now and I’m so glad that she’s finally got her own TV show again (Ringer on the CW). You’ve probably figured out by now that I was and am still a huge Buffy fan. I own all of the seasons on DVD and watch them every so often on a rainy Saturday. When I heard that she had her own show again, I knew that I was going to be watching.

I did my homework on it before the show premiered and while I was looking up more info for it online, I came across some Clear wireless Reviews. After I looked through it a little bit I decided to change over my apartment’s internet service to it.

I think that I’m really liking the show so far, even if it wasn’t starring Sarah Michelle Gellar I would really love it. It’s definitely staying on my DVR list.