Wow, it has been a while since I was asked to do one of these. I might be a little rusty when it comes to reviewing web sites, but lets see what I can do. Find web hosting is a directory that helps visitors do just what the website name says; find web hosting. The website is completely free to use and their about section says that their focus is to “provide clear, objective information to help you find the right web hosting provider to support your personal or business needs.

Their directory of top web hosts is put together through a variety of information, including price, money back offer, set up/domain costs, bandwidth, performance, reviews and overall score. Above is a picture of the website’s main page. The color scheme of blue and silver works well and is consistent throughout the website.  In fact, the whole website is very clean and well put together. Sections are easy to find and there is a lot of information presented, yet it does not feel like it is an information overload.

The top menu bar includes links for “Compare Hosts”, “Forum”, “Resources”, “About”, “News”, and “Contact”. As you can imagine the “Compare Hosts” section is the most useful for someone actually looking for a web host. “Resources” is also informative, with articles such as Do It Yourself Graphics, Page Optimization and SQL Server Databases. Themain direction of top web hosts includes sections such as “Business Hosting”, “Cheap Hosting”, “Green Hosting”, and “Ecommerce Hosting” to name a few.

If you give the directory a chance, please come back and let me know how useful it was for you by leaving a comment below!