Finally I get a chance to review a website that has nothing to do about Web Hosting. This week I was introduced to Lucky Land and was asked to take the time and review the website. Lets start with the website’s logo:

I have to say, it is a bit disappointing and reminds me of logos from the websites of the early nineties. I have no problem with the colors or the basic concept of the logo, but with a name like “Lucky Land” you could do so much more. You could use aspects of an amusement park or carnival games. Something flashy or modern even. People remember cool logos, this one is a bit too bland and forgettable for my taste. Lets move on to the basic site features.

At its core, the website is an information hub about online and live card and slot machine gaming. It has five key articles, they are “Online vs Offline casinos”, “Different games”, “Party Casino”, “Bonuses”, “Slot games”, and “Software”. Here is a screenshot from the website’s main page:

The articles are between 300 and 500 words each. They are written to be accessible to everyone that might check out the website. They are far from complicated which is good, but sadly that also causes them to be not as in depth as they could be. Or should be.

You can click here for Lucky land, let us know in the comments if the website is helpful to you!