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Everyone has their favorite songs to play when driving. You know those songs that I’m talking about. The ones that you can’t help but to put down your window and sing at the top of your lungs.

Well, the Kia Rio and Spotify have come together to develop the “Best Songs with your Windows Down” playlist. They are trying to bring together as many people as they can from across the globe to make this happen.

How can you get involved? That is easy as pie. Everyone is welcome to submit songs for the playlist. Head on over to the Kia facebook page and use the search bar to look for your song (as you can see from the picture, I searched for MIA’s “Bad Girls”. After you find your song, you just have to enter your name, email addy, and to click “submit!” From here it would be a good idea to check out the overall playlist, so you can see all of the songs submitted by other users.

What song are you going to choose? I choice MIA’s “Bad Girls” because it has had a beat and is hard to not sing along too. I have other guilty pleasure artists, like the Barenaked Ladies and Ke$ha– both of which I love to sing along to. I would love to hear what song you choose, please post it in the comments.

Another cool feature of this union is the Voice-Activated UVO Infotainment System, which is powered by Microsoft. This feature acts as your in car assistant and recognizes your voice. You can make calls, turn on and change radio stations, and much more, without having to use your hands. How much easier would Infotainment make your morning commute?

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Watching this really was like looking through a window directly into the past. A fun movie all around, this really did deserve the recognition it got. However, had this film been released in the last couple of years, it would not have won Best Motion Picture at the Academy Awards.

The Artist really captivated my attention right from the beginning, and it held it right until the end. Jean Dujardin and Bernice Bejo excelled and could really make a career of it in Hollywood if they can work on their accents like Christoph Waltz did. All in all, I highly recommended this film, it was worth the price of admission.


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Trying to attract new readers via this summer’s epic crossover movie comes Marvel Comic’s Avengers Assemble #1, an all new Avengers series that focuses on the cast of the upcoming movie and eases the movie audience into the vast Marvel Universe.

The Avengers Versus The *Brand-New* Zodiac! • One Of The Greatest Avengers Villains Of All Time Gets Reinvented For The Modern Age Just In Time For The Blockbuster Movie Event Of The Summer! • A Perfect Jumping-On Point Featuring The Cast Of The Summer Blockbuster But In Marvel Universe Continuity!

The issue hits stands on Wednesday, March 14th, 2012, written by Brian Michael Bendis with art from Mark Bagley.

Guest post written by Fermin Washington.

I visited and upgraded our internet package. Now, I love to read all of my papers and magazines on-line. I got an iPad for Christmas from my in-laws. I didn’t ask for it, but I really love it. Now, I have switched all of my magazine subscriptions to the iPad versions. I have also subscribed to the New York Times on the iPad.

My favorite application on the iPad is the New York Times crossword puzzles that I bought. It was several years worth of crossword puzzles for only twenty buck—definitely worth it! The funny thing that made me feel even better about loving crossword puzzles was that the other day I saw a study presented that I read about on the Huffington Post.

Apparently, doing crossword puzzles can help keep your brain active, so much so that it protects you against alzheimer’s disease. There was a significant difference in the incidence of the disease between those that did puzzles and those who did not. With that information, I am going to keep playing with those crosswords. I love them!

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While the new “season” of Buffy the Vampire Slayer started slowly, the last two issues have really sped things forward and the season’s arc is becoming more clear. We have two weeks until the newest issue (out on 3/14/12) and I really am on the edge of my seat.

Dark Horse’s official description: “Still seeking normalcy in the midst of zompire-stricken San Francisco, Buffy contemplates a life-changing decision the likes of which few Slayers have ever faced. Meanwhile Spike rushes to the aid of Detective Dowling, who’s in over his head with his recent investigation into the undead bloodsuckers plaguing the city. Buffy settles down with . . . Spike?! A cliffhanger certain to shock fans!

Last issue, it was great to see Principal Wood back in the fold and I loved the flashbacks that showcased his mother, a slayer who Spike killed (and where he got his iconic leather jacket). Will the shocking cliffhanger be another returning character?

“Battleground is a workplace dramedy set in the world of political campaigns. Head campaign strategist Chris “Tak” Davis and his staff strive to win a Senate seat for their underdog candidate in a race with national consequences. It takes place in Wisconsin, a real battleground state, where Tak and his team manipulate the 24-hour news cycle, new media, and social networking to navigate the unpredictable ups and downs of state politics. All the while, a documentary crew exposes the behind-the-scenes chaos of idealistic twenty-somethings trying to make a difference.” View More at

“MALICE concerns the Turner family’s supernatural adventures in their late Grandma’s home. It’s up to teens Alice and Abbey to solve mysteries and survive dangers emanating from the old home. And when people start disappearing, Alice–the sixteen year-old with an active imagination–must go down the “rabbit hole” and rescue them all.” View More at

“When Paul inherits a matchmaking company from his Aunt Cathy, he wonders what his aunt could have possibly been thinking. But he soon realizes it makes perfect sense: by his own estimation, Paul is very attractive, super-likable and a really happy person — and he’s got a fantastic marriage to a very wealthy woman, Teri. Although Paul’s confident that he is the perfect person to help women find love, his approach is going to be a little different from that of his Aunt Cathy. His no-holds-barred philosophy toward dating can be surprising and frustrating to the women he is helping, but no matter how hilarious it may appear, his focus is always on being brutally honest with his clients.” View More at

“From the producers of Gossip Girl, the story of a twenty-something looking for love with the help of her two best friends and secret texts from her future self.” View More at