I talk about a lot of pieces of equipment and tips, some are useful for prep and shooting of movies, while others are just nice for general building, office, and set maintenance. The tips and equipment I’m talking about today, a Hardwood Floor Cleaning machine, fits into the latter category.

When I was asked to chat about this item I wasn’t sure where I’d go with talking about it, but the more research I did about Hardwood Cleaning, the more it tied in with the Filmmaking site of our website. Whether you are shooting your movie on film or HD, you need your set in tip top shape otherwise you will see every piece of dirt and nick in your floors, which can become very distracting to your audience. Say a scene takes place in what is supposed to be a wealthy person’s apartment, but the floors look cheap and messed up. Having the proper tools to make your wood or wood-like floors look as good as possible are very important.

This same piece of advise should follow you to your production office. When you have the resources to do so, you should invest in the proper equipment to put your best foot forward. If you have wood floors, make sure that they are sanded, stained, and look polished when you have possible investors, talent or crew coming in for meetings. If you look cheap, they will think you are cheap.