Did you catch the plane crash on Grey’s Anatomy last Thursday? How about 2 Broke Girls meeting Martha Stewart? Did you witness House‘s struggle in a burning building? Will you be watching tonight as the Glee kids graduate from High School? As you might have noticed, the current TV season is quickly coming to a close. This gives you the perfect opportunity to take a look at your television package.

Do you have Cable, direct tv, Dish, or do you get all of your television via the web? What or how is the best way to get your television fix? How much are you spending or how much are you comfortable spending. Personally, I use Cable and have been using it for years. I have quickly been getting discouraged as my price seems to go up and up with nothing I can do about keeping it down.

How would my package compare to dx3 direct tv? Well, let me take a look. I spend approximately 100 bucks for my service and I get two premium channels. The price scale on www.dx3.net stars at 29.99 for the Entertainment package and goes up to 44.99 for the Choice Ultimate package (both deals for 12 months).  Entertainment package comes with 140 channels, which is about what I have now minus the premium channels, while Choice Ultimate package has 225 channels with 11 extra movie channels and free premium channels for 3 months. The Choice Ultimate has a lot of bang for the buck.  Direct TV has other options and features including (but not limited to) NFL Sunday Ticket and On Demand. Check out one of the links above to learn more about Direct TV and if it is right for your TV viewing habits!