Recently I’ve been a big fan of HGTV and DYI network stuff. If you decide to renovate your home or apartment, sell it, or just want to rearrange furniture, they have a ton of shows that can show you how to do just about anything; find out how to fix up your yard, how to build a koi pond, how to build a mancave or even a new kitchen, etc.

Today at 9pm on HGTV we have an all new Property Brothers. If you haven’t seen the show, one brother is a real estate agent who finds a couple a fixer upper home and the other brothers uses their tight budget to renovate the home into their dream house. It doesn’t always go as planned but the outcome is usually pretty awesome. HGTV is airing a rerun at 8pm and the new episode at 9.

Official Description, “Active in the City”: A couple sharing a duplex with friends look for a place of their own.


CW: Oh Sit! (gameshow)
CBS: Big Brother (reality)
FOX: So You Can Think You Can Dance (competition)
ABCFAM: Melissa & Joey/Baby Daddy (comedies)
CNN: Anderson Cooper 360 (news)
GOLF: On the Range (docu)
WE: Bridezillas (docu)


USA: Royal Pains (medical drama)
NBC: America’s Got Talent (reality competition)
TRU: Operation Repo (docu)
A&E: Storage Wars Texas (reality)
TRAVEL: Toy Hunter (docu)
FOOD: Restaurant: Impossible (reality)
SYFY: Haunted Collector (docu)


TVLAND: (10:30) The Exes (comedy)
BRAVO: Top Chef Masters (competition)
MTV: The Real World (reality– the original!)
TVLAND: The Soul Man (comedy)
E: The Soup (clip comedy)
SYFY: Paranormal Witness (docu)

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  1. Celayha says:

    Property Brothers has had its moments where I just wanted to fast forward to the results but the last few episodes have been pretty decent. I always forget that the show is on so I usually set my Hopper to record the newest episode. It’s convenient because it’s got 2,000 hours of recording time available and when you’re forgetful like me you tend to forget what you’ve recorded. I don’t have to worry about running out of space. A Dish co-worker told me about all of that space on the hard drive and I jumped on board. I’m waiting for the Property Brothers to run into something that is just too out of their league. It would be interesting to see how they handle it.

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