Horror is back in full swing! First up to bat was The Walking Dead, which just shattered basic cable ratings records, and now American Horror Story goes for round two in its anthology story telling with what is being described as a “workplace horror” in American Horror Story: Asylum. I must say this — the ads for the first season got me sucked in and though the first season had some very shocking moments (the school shooting sequence remains one of the most intense sequences in television history) it did not do enough to keep me hooked for the full season. I’m hoping that this season changes it.

With the old story about the Harmon’s wrapped up, I’m excited to be able to be transported back in time when mental asylums were actually scary places and the fear of Nazism, the Church, being Gay, and being locked up just based on your gender were a number of very real threats to an individual back in the 1950’s. The teaser ads for this season are not as compelling as the first season ads. However, after watching the behind the scenes video and the longer trailer for the new season I must say, I’m going to give this a shot. For a noble television experiment in horror, I will give Ryan Murphy and company credit, they have a way of sucking people in, but the battle for them will be keeping me there past episode one.

Official Episode Description, “Welcome to Briarcliff”: Welcome to Briarcliff Manor, a notorious insane asylum home to the deranged serial killer, Bloody Face. Lurking in the shadows of this “sanctuary of healing” are terrifying evils that blur the boundaries between reality and insanity.

The all new episode airs tonight at 10pm on FX Network. Lets look at what else is on tonight…


CW: Arrow (action drama)
ABC: The Middle/The Neighbors (comedies)
CBS: Survivor: Philippines (reality competition)
FOX: The X Factor (reality competition)
NBC: Animal Practice/Guys with Kids (comedies)
ION: WWE Main Event (wrestling)
CARTOON: DreamWorks Dragons (animated)


ABC: Modern Family/Suburgatory (comedies)
CBS: Criminal Minds (crime drama)
NBC: Law & Order: SVU (crime drama)
CW: Supernatural (supernatural drama)
FOOD: Restaurant: Impossible (docu)
PBS: Nova (docu)
SYFY: Ghost Hunters (docu)


ABC: Nashville (drama)
CBS: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (crime drama)
NBC: Chicago Fire (drama)
A&E: Duck Dynasty (reality)
BRAVO: Life After Top Chef (reality)
VH1: Couples Therapy (docu)
COMEDY: South Park (animated)