This is one of the most fascinating Reality Shows on television. It is a show dedicated to those who have devoted their whole lives for preparing for the end of the world and boy are some of these people predicting out there premises. There have been people profiled who believe a super volcano will suddenly appear in New York, a second financial collapse that’ll reduce people into becoming barbarians, and people who just plan old think a meteor is going to hit that’ll destroy the power grid and thus civilization. These people range from the mildly interesting to the straight out bizarre– and it’s absolutely fascinating.

Though I believe everybody has dreams of living in the apocalypse, most of those dreamers, like myself, are not actively seeking out the end of the world. Would it be cool? For the first few days, but after a while it’ll get tough because that is how reality works. These people are prepped. These people are who I would want to team up with to survive with. These people wouldn’t accept me because I haven’t been prepping with them. The series does inspire one to actually go out and prepare for the worst, especially after seeing the recent events unfold in New York after Hurricane Sandy.

What I will say is that though I don’t watch much Reality TV because of how crappy most of it is (thanks Bravo and E!), there are vary few times where the Reality TV series is actually interesting. This is one of those TV shows. If you’re going to try and check out a new “reality” series, give this one a go, as I promise you will be absolutely fascinated by some of these people and their out there apocolypse theories. I’m just thankful none of them look like a new age Jim Jones’. Thank god.

Episode Description, “The Time of Reckoning”: A single dirty bomb could cause massive chaos. Tom Perez is prepping for a terrorist attack and suspects it’s only a matter of time before one gets through our defenses. He has not worked in 12 years because he spends most of his day prepping and spends much of his family’s yearly income on preps.

Doomsday Preppers airs on National Geographic at 9:00 pm. What else is on tonight?


CBS: NCIS (crime drama)
ABC: How the Grinch Stole Christmas/Shrek the Halls (holiday)
FOX: Raising Hope/Ben and Kate (comedies)
NBC: The Voice (reality competition)
CW: Hart of Dixie (medical drama)
ANIMAL: Frontier Earth (docu)
GSN: Minute to Win It (game show)


NBC: Go On/The New Normal (comedies)
ABC: Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars (reality competition)
CBS: NCIS: LA (crime drama)
FOX: New Girl/The Mindy Project (comedies)
CW: Emily Owens, M.D. (medical drama)
BRAVO: Flipping Out (docu)
HGTV: Property Virgins (docu)


FOOD: Chopped (cooking compeition)
CBS: Vegas (drama)
NBC: Parenthood (drama)
BBC: Chef Race: U.K. vs U.S. (reality competition)
BET: Keyshia & Daniel (reality)
BRAVO: Million Dollar Decorators (reality)
COMEDY: Tosh .0/Brickleberry (comedy)