I’m loving this new season of The Walking Dead. It is easily the best season of the show and it has fixed all the wrongs that made the first two seasons drag on and on. The characters are getting more desperate, people are finally becoming more vicious, and best of all the walkers are not even the most dangerous people around.

If you watched last week’s episode, you know that the two worlds — The Prison and Woodbury — are about to collide and I cannot wait for the bloodshed that’s going to ensue. This show easily justifies its status as a must watch show week in and week out now. With a cable high average of just under 10 million viewers a week, we’re bound to be watching this show for a long time. Only question I have is how soon will the conclusion point between Rick and the Governor come? And who is going to die from the prison group in Woodbury? This show is hard to predict and I love that about it.

Official Description, “Made to Suffer”: A situation in Woodbury throws inhabitants for a loop and forces Andrea to take charge, while a new threat arises at the prison.

You can watch the all new episode of The Walking Dead at 9pm on AMC. What else is on tonight?


ABC: Once Upon a Time (fantasy drama)
CBS: (8:30) Amazing Race 21 (competition)
NBC: Sunday Night Football (sportS)
ANIMAL: Rattlesnake Republic (docu)
BRAVO: The Real Housewives of Atlanta (reality)
DISNEYXD: Dog With a Blog/Shake it Up (teen comedy)
HALLMARK: The Christmas Heart (holiday movie)


SHOWTIME: Dexter (horror drama)
ABC: Revenge (drama)
LIFE: Finding Mrs Claus (holiday movie)
OWN: Oprah’s Next Chapter (docu)
HBO: Boardwalk Empire (crime drama)
TLC: Sister Wives (reality)
FOOD: The Next Iron Chef (reality competition)


ABC: 666 Park Avenue (horror drama)
CBS: The Good Wife (drama)
A&E: Be the Boss (docu)
ANIMAL: Finding Bigfoot (docu)
E!: Ice Loves Coco (reality)
FOOD: Iron Chef America (food competition)
SHOWTIME: Homeland (drama)