This post is brought to you by Sudoku Wizz.

Over the past few years I’ve had the opportunity to checkout and talk about a ton of different websites that I likely would not have found if I didn’t run My Hollywood Dream. Everything from gaming websites to independent films, comedians, cool T-shirts and a lot more. Today I was asked to check out and review Lets jump right in.

Sudoku Wizz has a very simple yet mostly effective website design (see the above picture for the intro page). The grey, blue and white color scheme is very clean and easy on the eyes. I like the top banner which is in the styles of a sudoku game. The website is broken into four sub-pages; “Sudoku Games”, “Sudoku for Print”, “Sudoku Tips”, and “Contact Us”. On the top right of the page there are links to like the page on Facebook or +1 it on Google. And on the bottom of the page there is an additional link for Solitaire Games, but the page it leads to is not in English.

The only part of the design that does not work is the Google Ads that are featured on the left side of the site. I have no problems with ads on websites (as you can see from the left of this article), but the ad on this page is not locked it place. On screens with a smaller resolution the ads cover the links on the left side of the page (that take visitors directly to the puzzles they are visiting the site for). A small change of putting the ad above or below the links instead of having them floating (sometimes) over the links would clear this up pretty easily.

The Sudoku Games sub-page leads you to a list of seven flash games, titled Sudoku 1 through 5, Of the Sponge, and Samurai. All of them are quick loading and easy to get started. If you like Sudoku and playing free online games, this is a good page to bookmark. The Sudoku for Print section gives you four options to print at home with various difficult levels. These are great for if you are going to be a passenger on a road trip or want to have an inexpensive game in the bathroom for visitors. The images are clean and print clearly. The Sudoku Tips section shares four different strategies with visitors; The Rule of One, Naked Subsets, Naked Singles, and Start Small. Check out the website (linked above) for more details on their playing strategies. The Contact Us sub-page is self explanatory.

If you like sudoku then the Sudoku Wizz is a great website to bookmark. If you are unfamiliar with the puzzle game, then I’d also recommend checking it out to learn how to play and get access to some free printable games and you can also hone your skills on their free Flash games.