IT professionals who are looking to support their skills, knowledge and experience with an essential source of validation in the information management and storage sector of IT should look into earning an EMC certification. EMC is the number one certification program in the storage and management industry, and individuals who earn certification in one of several different tracks will have a major advantage in the workplace. Their proven professional education certification program will offer top of the line education and validation of skills that are found in job roles offered by numerous computing companies. By enrolling in an EMC training course and then taking the exam associated with the certification, you will have proven your abilities to employers who are searching for the next great thing in information storage.

Perhaps the greatest thing about EMC is the fact that you can truly branch out your skills to become a specialist in any one of the available career tracks. If your interests and/or experience lie in storage administration, EMC offers certifications for general information storage and technology specific careers. Individuals can also take on roles that include technology architect, data scientist, platform engineer, system administrator, application developer and more.

The way in which EMC separates its exams is easy to follow. There are three levels of certification: associate, specialist and expert. Many tracks offer certifications in all three, allowing the individual to diversify and specify his/her career attraction. Some offer participants the ability to specialize a broad set of skills, usually once earning a prerequisite associate certification that verifies knowledge of basic foundational skills. Become familiar with the EMC educational program and take a look at the certifications they have to offer to choose one that sounds right for you.

A big thanks to Nimi for this insightful guest post.