This past weekend Zellco Entertainment, the film production/distribution company behind Dark Forest, Cybernetic Showdown, and The Killing Death, released three new short movies onto the platform Gumroad. Check them out and help #SupportIndieFilm!

Violets are Blue
Official Description: Daniel moves into a Seniors’ residence because he is lonely. There he meets Violet and they fall in love. However, Violet’s daughter-in-law does not approve of her starting a new relationship and does everything in her power to keep them apart. A compelling short film with incredibly realistic performances from the two leads.
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Conversations after Church
Official Description: Six Christians face a dark night of the soul that leads them to question everything they believe. A short spirituality/faith based documentary.
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Official Description: Allison, a young woman, would like to switch to the more exciting trade of intelligence officer. A short spy thriller.
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