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This guest post from Mickey Garza.

If you are looking for better health including lower blood pressure and cholesterol, building your immune system, fighting diseases like cancer and heart disease, then you need to start juicing, if you aren’t already. Jack LaLanne’s juicer infomercial is still on TV and he still is my favorite.

If you’re watching TV he has a half hour infomercial where he and his lovely wife tell you everything you always wanted to know about juicing while demonstrating his juicer. The juicer really is amazing and I finally bought one after watching them use it. The juice machine is practically indestructible and as they will show you, you do not have to cut the fruit and vegetables up into tiny pieces to put it into juicer. They designed the shoot to be especially wide so that even a whole apple or pear will go right in. This saves so much time and mess in the kitchen.

The Jack LaLaine juicer has been around for years, and it has only gotten better. It is made completely of metal, so the plastic parts don’t wear out. But then even if they did, Jack offers a life-time warranty.

How can you possibly go wrong? For not $399 – not $299 – not $199, but for $99 you can juice your own fruits and vegetable and find extra energy!

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Jersey Shore

Guest post written by Mitch Waters.

Despite all the bad press that the show by the same name has given the area, I still love the Jersey Shore. We’ve been members of a yacht club for years and have a beach home there too. We invested in property there when we were much younger and are getting to share it with our grandkids now.

One day when I was showing my grandson the ropes around the boat he kept asking me questions and I was having trouble hearing exactly what he was asking so I had to ask him to repeat himself most of the time. After all of that I went home and looked up some hearing aid prices. Then I ended up buying some that you couldn’t really see that much in my ears. That was really important to me because I want my grandkids to think I’m active and that I’m fun instead of an old grandpa that can’t do hardly anything. I’m really excited to teach my grandkids the ropes of sailing so they can spend some great summers on the shore just like I have.

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Continuing with My Hollywood Dream’s weekly review of entertainment websites, today I’m taking a look at Gambling PhD ( The website is a guide that reviews online casinos and gambling websites along with posting daily news and betting advice for gamblers. Yeah, I am reviewing a website that reviews other websites. Until last week, I really didn’t realize just how big the online casino world was. Gambling PhD makes it a point to tell visitors to be careful with the sites they use for gambling.

Right when you open the page, you are taken here…


They jump right into things with mini reviews and links to nine different online casinos. Included in the mix are Aladdin’s Gold, VIP Slots, Go Casino, Rushmore Casino, Cherry Red Casino, and Golden Casino (to name a few). These particular reviews are short, and give visitors basic information on these casinos.

On the left side of the page is a list of links (as pictured below – click to enlarge as usual):


The top link, Online Gambling PhD, takes us to a top 10 list of online casinos.  The next link, Casino Reviews, takes us to a longer list of 20 casinos with reviews along with a detailed “Introduction to Online Casino Gambling.” This introduction is great for people like me who have never had any contact with online casinos.  It has a warning of what to look out for to ensure that you are playing on a licensed website. Moving down on the links list you’ll find gambling tips, history, and a ton of general casino/gambling information.  The bottom link that reads “Daily Tips” has an archive of the website’s Tip of the Day. On this page you’ll find links to detailed info on such subjects as “Blackjack Card Counting”, “Perks”, “Keno Tips”, “Gambling Discipline”, and “Video Poker in the Nutshell” to name a few.

Overall, Gambling PhD is a good introduction to people that are unfamiliar with the world of Online Casinos. The website doesn’t have the best design, but it does supply visitors with a lot of information on the subject.

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Today I took the time to check out Casinos-R-Us (, a website that is devoted to helping people make travel arrangements to casinos around the US and is a guide to gambling in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, along with other casinos and even Internet gambling.

Right when you enter the website you are greeted by this page:

Casinos R Us

This page has a welcome to the site. The first thing I noticed was just how basic the page was. A very simple website that is not trying to be overly flashy. No gawky glitter logos or annoying ads that flicker. After checking out a half dozen websites that have to do with casinos in the past week, it is refreshing to see a site that is not trying too hard.

The site gives us some basic information here, they have ties to some really impressive hotels on the Las Vegas strip, including Paris, Bally’s, Caesar’s Palace, Flamingo, Harrah’s and The Rio.  The Casino Tours that the site offers happen three times a year (in the spring and fall) and leave from three key locations; Pittsburgh & Erie, PA and Myrtle Beach, SC. If you’d like to plan a trip from another city, the site lets you customize a trip from anywhere to one of the listed hotels. Because they book rooms in bulk, they get better prices than you or I would get by walking into one of the casinos.

When you click on the links for more information on the tours leaving from Pittsburgh & Erie, PA and Myrtle Beach, SC, you are taken to this page:

Second Page Casinos R Us

This page is even more basic than the first page. A bit too basic and it doesn’t fit the style of the other page. It tells customers to call for a reservation, but doesn’t list a contact phone number on this page. It does have an email on the bottom for contacting though. Just curious, I checked out the contact page off the homepage, but it doesn’t have a phone number either, just a contact form.

Overall, the site has a lot of basic information about what Casinos-R-Us offers, but it is lacking depth and the site design is too basic for its own good. If you are looking for a Las Vegas casino tour that leaves from Pittsburgh & Erie, PA and Myrtle Beach, SC, than you might want to contact them for more information and rates.

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It hasn’t been our norm, but in the past we’ve done reviews of many different types of websites, from movies and television, to news, gaming, and even casino websites. Earlier today I was approached to take a look at, a casino based website that has a focus in free slots. The website in a nutshell is a location that offers free download slots games and a guide to online casino downloads and slots along with listings for online slot tournaments.

Upon entering the website, you’ll be greeted by this homepage (click to enlarge).

Slots Hero

I was surprised by the low tech look and the overpowering ad that was the first thing I saw. The page was also a bit too cluttered for my tastes. The middle section has information about the site, followed by information on how to play free slots, where to play them, and links to all of the slots that Slots Hero offers.

Ont he left side of the page is two blocks of links. The top one is pictured below and the bottom one just re-lists links to different slots the site offers.

Links Bar

As you can see, this link bar offers links to where you can download their slots for PC or Macs, listing of tournaments, Online Casinos, Free Slots, Games Lists, and their blog.

Slot Hero Blog

The blog is cleaner than the homepage, but not by much. It still feels cramped. The width should be wider with more page in the middle block for content.  The actual content of the blog includes information about their slots, including news about new games, upcoming games, and details on past wins. The blog archive goes back to October 2009 and includes categories for Online Casinos, Slot Tournaments, Slots, Slot Games,  and Slots Strategy.

If you are a fan of online casino games, than you might enjoy If you aren’t a fan of casinos or slot machine gaming, than you really don’t have a point in checking out the website, it is a completely niche website.

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This guest post from Edgardo Rosa.

I like to take my children to our local movie theater, Waterford Lakes, once every other Saturday. My daughter is eight and my son is ten. They democratically pick a movie at the beginning of the month and I get to pick the movie that we see at the end of the month. My wife has three votes while the kids each have one. No one messes with my week, unless my wife really wants to see something else. This usually leads to a combination of Toy Story 3 followed shortly by the Expendables.

I was a child of the eighties and I thought that the Expendables was totally awesome. The only thing it was missing was Chuck Norris. Maybe Sylvester Stallone will put him in the sequel. Jean-Claude Van Damme and Steven Segal would have been nice, but I don’t think that they have it in them anymore. Van Damme has lost his action credibility and Segal is just out of shape.

On our bimonthly outings, we usually set the ADT hempstead security alarm and leave the house about an hour before the film starts. That leaves us plenty of time to get to the theater, grab the kids some popcorn and a drink, send everyone in for a last minute potty break, and find a decent row of seats in the middle of the theater.

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