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This guest post from Mickey Garza.

If you are looking for better health including lower blood pressure and cholesterol, building your immune system, fighting diseases like cancer and heart disease, then you need to start juicing, if you aren’t already. Jack LaLanne’s juicer infomercial is still on TV and he still is my favorite.

If you’re watching TV he has a half hour infomercial where he and his lovely wife tell you everything you always wanted to know about juicing while demonstrating his juicer. The juicer really is amazing and I finally bought one after watching them use it. The juice machine is practically indestructible and as they will show you, you do not have to cut the fruit and vegetables up into tiny pieces to put it into juicer. They designed the shoot to be especially wide so that even a whole apple or pear will go right in. This saves so much time and mess in the kitchen.

The Jack LaLaine juicer has been around for years, and it has only gotten better. It is made completely of metal, so the plastic parts don’t wear out. But then even if they did, Jack offers a life-time warranty.

How can you possibly go wrong? For not $399 – not $299 – not $199, but for $99 you can juice your own fruits and vegetable and find extra energy!

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Jersey Shore

Guest post written by Mitch Waters.

Despite all the bad press that the show by the same name has given the area, I still love the Jersey Shore. We’ve been members of a yacht club for years and have a beach home there too. We invested in property there when we were much younger and are getting to share it with our grandkids now.

One day when I was showing my grandson the ropes around the boat he kept asking me questions and I was having trouble hearing exactly what he was asking so I had to ask him to repeat himself most of the time. After all of that I went home and looked up some hearing aid prices. Then I ended up buying some that you couldn’t really see that much in my ears. That was really important to me because I want my grandkids to think I’m active and that I’m fun instead of an old grandpa that can’t do hardly anything. I’m really excited to teach my grandkids the ropes of sailing so they can spend some great summers on the shore just like I have.

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This guest post from Edgardo Rosa.

I like to take my children to our local movie theater, Waterford Lakes, once every other Saturday. My daughter is eight and my son is ten. They democratically pick a movie at the beginning of the month and I get to pick the movie that we see at the end of the month. My wife has three votes while the kids each have one. No one messes with my week, unless my wife really wants to see something else. This usually leads to a combination of Toy Story 3 followed shortly by the Expendables.

I was a child of the eighties and I thought that the Expendables was totally awesome. The only thing it was missing was Chuck Norris. Maybe Sylvester Stallone will put him in the sequel. Jean-Claude Van Damme and Steven Segal would have been nice, but I don’t think that they have it in them anymore. Van Damme has lost his action credibility and Segal is just out of shape.

On our bimonthly outings, we usually set the ADT hempstead security alarm and leave the house about an hour before the film starts. That leaves us plenty of time to get to the theater, grab the kids some popcorn and a drink, send everyone in for a last minute potty break, and find a decent row of seats in the middle of the theater.

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daily filmmaking tips

Costuming for Indies
With September starting that means that we are not far from Halloween and as an independent filmmaker, you should get ready to take advantage of the holiday season to score costumes for future productions.  The best time to hit stores is the day after Halloween, when stores and online retailers like Costume Kingdom are having specials and clearance sales of all the costumes that did not sell. Everything is useful, even if they only have Superhero and Ladybug Costumes, you never know when you can turn them into a cool outfit or if it might be suited for a period piece.  Heck, you can even use them to make a fan film short to get some notice.

One of my buddies took those cheesy plastic superhero masks from the 80s and crafted it into a very creative comedy short.  In addition to costumes, after Halloween sales usually include lots of blood and make up.  Just stock up on these, because you never know when it might come in handy, whether you are shooting a gory monster flick, a crime thriller or a classic film noir, or even a zany comedy about a clown who runs amok in the city.  You might not see a use for a costume or prop when you get it, but you never know what it might inspire. Look around and imagine the possibilities.

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Guest post written by Jason Lovett.

Stand-up comedy wasn’t something that I aspired to do. I just started taking an improv class on Wednesday nights with a friend as a fun way to blow off steam from work.

After my class ended, I joined an improv troupe with some of my fellow classmates and we started performing at the comedy club where we took the class. Every Friday night the comedy club has a huge improve show that features us and some other troupes. It’s not a big deal, but really fun.

A few months ago my parents came to their first improv show of mine on one of those Friday nights. They seemed to laugh along with everyone else although they seemed confused at times. After the show we went out for a late dinner and my mom explained to me that she couldn’t hear all of the jokes and misunderstood what was going on a lot of the time as a result. After that I sent her information about hearing aids prices and helped her pick out some hearing aides.

They came back to a show about a month later and seemed to laugh a little more and genuinely enjoy it. I hope that was the case and it wasn’t just show for me while I could see them from the stage.

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Guest post written by Rolf Tate.

My favorite daytime television show is One Life to Live. It is a soap opera that is shown on the ABC network. I love watching this show on direct TV.

I love the show because of its diverse characters. In Llanview, the matriarch of the show is Victoria Lord. She had DID and alters and is always a loving mother to everyone in the town. The local bad boy would be Todd Manning who was married to Blair Cramer and had two kids with her named Starr and Jack. Now, he is involved with Tea Delgado again who is dying of cancer and who had his secret love child named Dani many years ago. The main families in the show are the Lords, Cramers, and Buchanans. Some of the actors include: Kassie DePaiva, Trevor St. John, Michael Easton, Erika Slezak, Bree Williamson, and Robin Strasser.

Some of the best shows have involved major topics like breast cancer, gay relationships, rape, murder, and betrayal. Llanview is always a place where anything can happen from baby switches, who’s the daddy story lines, kidnappings, interrupted weddings, and spouses coming back from the dead. One Life to Live lets me escape once a day at 2 pm ET and concentrate on the happenings in Llanview instead of my own boring NJ life. I love this daytime show and will for many more years to come.

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