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Did you know that there are webisodes based on the action/comedy television show Chuck over on NBC’s website?  I didn’t either.  The webisodes revolve around Chuck’s fictional work place, the Buy More. The first video features Big Mike (Mark Christopher Lawrence), Morgan (Joshua Gomez) and Anna (Julia Ling), as Big Mike has to explain to them the corporate policy about dating in the work place.The second features Casey (Adam Baldwin), as he shows us how to rid the Buy More of unwanted pests and make the work place a more healthy environment.

This should hold us off until the next new episode of Chuck airs on Monday, October 20th.

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Stock Footage for Free is a great place to find free stock footage for your videos.  I came across this website while looking for royalty free stock footage that also cost nothing to download.  It has a lot of great footage from around the world in both standard and high definition.  They let you use their footage in all of your projects including commercial projects.  The best part is that there are absolutely no fees, or catches.

Don’t forget, there are also a lot of good sites for free stock images.

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Thule Trail is a really fun way to waste some time.  The game is designed to look and play like the classic PC game Oregon Trail.

In Thule Trail, you are on a road trip with some friends to a Music Festival.  Like Oregon Trail; first you choose who you are (Slacker, Student, Professional), you name the people in your car, you have to buy supplies (Magazines and CDs), food, pellets, and car parts.  If you liked playing Oregon Trail when you were younger, like I did, then you will love this game.

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