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Thanks to E3 we have a few more details about the upcoming Tomb Raider game prequel that brings us on Lara Croft’s first adventure. In the game, Croft is a recent college graduate whose boat capsizes do to an unexpected storm and she ends up on a mysterious island. She has to use her brains and survival skills to get off the island and find out what secrets it holds.

The game has been designed with an open environment, which allows players to explore the island and different goals/problems have multiple solutions. As the story progresses, you’ll be able to explore new ares of the island and face new challenges. I love the original game, but have skipped most of the sequels. Yet this really has my interest. I can’t wait to see what else is revealed when the game is showcased at E3 this week.

It will of course be released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC  and hits stores in the fall of next year, 2012.

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A teaser image for September’s Uncanny X-Men #543 has been released by Marvel Comics and it showcases a fan favorite X-Men as one of the world destroyers of the company’s current “Fear Itself” crossover event.

Will the X-Men be able to take down the unstoppable Colossus?

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It might not be the “end” for The Event afterall! NBC’s low rated gimmicky drama was recently canceled by the network, but it looks like a cable company under the NBC Universal family is interested in reviving the series.

The SyFy Channel is in talks to pick up the series and turning it into a mini series event (sorry for the unnecessary pun, but I had to). As with shows in the past, such as The 4400, if the mini series does well it could spinoff into a new regular series. The show has had 22 episodes and stars Jason Ritter, Sarah Roemer, Ian Anthony Dale, Zeljko Ivanek, Blair Underwood and Laura Innes. It would be very interesting to see how the show would be reshaped for the once “sci-fi” channel and how a much lower production budget would effect the show. Which cast members would return? Would the series take a more supernatural or science fiction turn?

It shouldn’t be too surprising that SyFy is looking at the canceled NBC series. Although I’m shocked that they aren’t gunning for the also canceled V remake. Sure, it was an ABC show, so the rights might be a little tougher (or more expensive to get), but it seems to fit so much better with the SyFy model. And out of the two shows, I think it had the better cast (Lost and Buffy alum in leading roles? Yeah, I’m in) and much more potential (What is The Event anyway?).  Fox also canceled the DC Comics adaptation Human Target, while not sci-fi, it could have been a cool fit for the network. Are there any recently cancled shows that you’d love to see revived on Cable? What are they? Sound off in the comments!

Disney/Pixar has revealed the fist plot details (and the above logo) for their upcoming prequel to (my personal favorite Pixar flick) Monsters Inc! From The Disney Blog:

Billy Crystal and John Goodman reprise their roles as Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan. In the original they were an inseparable pair, but that wasn’t always the case. When these two mismatched monsters met at school they couldn’t stand each other. “Monsters University” unlocks the door to how Mike and Sulley overcame their differences and became the best of friends.

While I would still love to see a movie set after the original (as a prequel this one can’t feature Boo – BOO!), I am still really excited about revisiting Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan. The chemistry between Billy Crystal and John Goodman is spot on (rivals even Tom Hanks and Tim Allen in the Toy Story series) and the world of Monstropolis was so vividly created in the original. I’m ready to attend Monster University in June 2013 (I just wish it was sooner).

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Home Alone house for sale, child security system not included!

Are you tired of leaving your kids home alone in your house while you go on trips to try to teach them the valuable lessons of self defense that you learned as a kid by watching Home Alone over and over? Well, for a cool 2.4 million dollars, you can teach them these lessons in the actual house from the movie! (please note, I’m not seriously suggestions that you leave your children home alone, or am I?)

The large red brick home located north of Chicago is up for sale, more info can be found on their Facebook page. To steal a phrase most people use to describe the original Indiana Jones flick, the original Home Alone was lightning in a bottle and perfectly captured every child’s fantasy of being left home alone, showing that adults that they could not only fend for them selves, but all ward off criminals at the same time (even if it might wreck the house a little bit in the process.

While I don’t have the cash to buy the home, I hope a diehard fan with children does have the money and not only buys it, but attempts to recreate scenes from the movie via YouTube.

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So, I’ve said a lot of negative things about the upcoming Green Lantern movie in the past. The early footage and the awful looking costume have had me worried. Now, I like Ryan Reynolds and a LOVE that the movie is really spotlighting the GL Corps. I could easily see a studio wanting to eliminate the Corps and cosmic elements of the comic and just focus on GL as a normal hero. The last trailer gives me a lot more hope, in the very least we’ll have a different kind of superhero movie. And I really dig this new poster…

DC relaunches their superhero universe on June 17th. How long until Justice League?

Check out these Green Lantern related products…

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What do you get when you cross Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with Jack the Ripper? A really badass idea that I can’t wait to check out. Dark Horse comics presents The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde #1 written by Cole Haddon with art by M.S. Corley, both newcomers to the business. Over on the Dark Horse blog, Haddon says the book started as “a homage to Hammer horror” and quickly turned into “a love song to the whole of the gothic horror… from silent horror movies, to Universal’s monster movies and producer Val Lewton’s horror oeuvre, to directors Tod Browning and John Brahm, to Mario Bava’s terrifying and often twisted works.” Personally I’m a huge fan of classic horror movies and monsters and it is really nice to see a throw back to those times and themes.

Here is Dark Horse’s official description of the first issue of the series:

Sometimes good police work just isn’t enough, as Inspector Thomas Adye of Scotland Yard finds out when he’s assigned to the Jack the Ripper case. He’ll need the guidance of imprisoned madman and amoral libertine, Dr. Henry Jekyll, whose mind-splitting serum Jack might be using to commit his bloody murders. Part 1 of Hyde sets in motion events that will pit London’s two greatest monsters against one another. Will Adye — and his soul — survive intact?

The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde #1 hits stand tomorrow, April 27th.

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