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Well, here it is, the official trailer for DC Comics and the WB’s upcoming Green Lantern adaptation.  I actually haven’t watched it yet, I’m not sure if I’m waiting because how worried I am that it will suck or… no, that is exactly why I’m waiting. Anyhow, click here to give it a view.

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One of the hardest parts of working in a highly creative industry is keeping the creative juices flowing.  Even if you are doing something that you truly love doing, after working seven day weeks and eighteen hours a day, it feels like work. Exhausting… tiring… never ending… work.  So, how do you keep going when your butt is being kicked? You have to remember why you are there and even more importantly, you have to stay inspired. This goes for working on set, writing, editing, fundraising, and every other part of the “business”. If you don’t find your inspiration and love what you are doing regardless of how much work is involved, than you will likely not “survive” working in the industry. You can make more money in less hours elsewhere (and have an actual life).

But you know what is funny? Inspiration can truly come from anywhere. In your office you might have a special coffee mug, or a cool wall clock or poster. It can be as easy as popping a favorite movie into your DVD player while you are writing or listening to music as you edit video. For me personally, in my office is a framed Superman poster that I have had since I was little.  It isn’t a really special poster, just a painting of Superman in the middle of a volcano trying to hold back the lava flow. Just seeing it puts a smile on my face and takes me back. It inspires me to keep writing, even when I have no idea where I am going with a story.

Find what keeps you going, because when your career is making films, you’ll need it.

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June of next year, directors John Lasseter and Brad Lewis will be bringing Lightning McQueen back into theaters as he goes on a whirlwind adventure around the world with his best pal Mater. I loved the first Cars and I can’t wait to see what Pixar comes up with for the sequel. There have been rumors of spies and an international race, with mistaken identity mixed with a chase movie.  I’d pretty much be game for whatever they come up with. The only sad part is that Paul Newman will not be able to reprise his role as the voice of Doc Hudson, he will be missed. Check out the teaser poster and leave a comment with your thoughts!

Cars 2

You can check out a teaser trailer for the film here.

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The Pit v3 Logo

Another week and more entertainment news. Welcome to a new edition of The Pit. This week is going to be a little shorter than usual.

  • NBC is making Thursday funnier by adding an additional hour to their established comedy block. Their new lineup will be: (8) Community, (8:30) Perfect Couples, (9) The Office, (9:30) Parks and Recreation, (10) 30 Rock, and (10:30) Outsourced. As usual I’ll be Tivo-ing The Office, 30 Rock and Community and will not be tuning into the other shows.
  • Conan O’Brien’s new show continues to be funny. Are you watching it?
  • Comic Preview: X-Factor #211. This week Peter David has the X-Factor gang in a battle royal in the streets of Las Vegas as their plan to get the attention of a “death goddess” actually works and they must face off with her undead warriors to free one of her slaves. “What happens in Vegas stays- Ah, gets you killed?”
  • The spy action/comedy/drama Chuck is still easily my favorite show on television and should be yours! If you’ve missed a recent episode, head over here and give the show a chance! It really is a creative high for TV.
  • The Virtual Fall Movie season is in full swing over at Hollywood the Game with a new Batman movie coming out this Friday. Don’t have a clue what I’m talking about? Then check out the site!

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daily filmmaking tips

We talk about a lot of different (and at times unrelated) topics. From online advertising, to trailers, costuming, and different crew positions to general filmmaking and behind the scenes elements you wouldn’t think are that important. Today, I want you to think of your favorite movie studios and production companies. Think really hard. What do they all have in common? A really darn impressive logo and opening slug before all of their movies and television shows.

If you want to play with the big boys, then it is important to brand yourself and your company with a totally kick-ass and professional looking Business Logo Design. When people see that logo on movie posters, trailers, and finished movies/television shows, you want them to think of you. You want them to become familiar with your high quality brand. Which brings me to another point, be careful what you attach your company logo too. If something is very vulgar or racist, than that is how people will view your company and in turn you.  When you are ready to make your company known, make sure that you know what you want your company to be known for.

We have a few more Daily Filmmaking Tips coming up this week and we will be bouncing all over the world of filmmaking. Soon we are going to make an effort to talk with a few industry professionals and showcase different crew positions. Stay tuned!

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Smallville, Lois and ClarkWe posted a preview of the all new episode earlier in the week, but I wanted to post a TV Tonight also to remind everyone that tonight Teri Hatcher makes an brief appearance on the final season of Smallville. The once Lois Lane will now be stepping into the role of Ella Lane, Lois’ mother who passed away many years ago from cancer, in a series of videos that Lois finds when she moves in with Clark.

In addition to Hatcher’s appearance, we have a lot of reasons to look forward to the new episode of Smallville; Jor-El and Lara (Julian Sands and Helen Slater) will be making appearances as will the Fortress (will we see the costume again?) along with  DC comics villains Granny Goodness and Harriet.  The show has gotten really good at expanding the DC Comics Universe and I can’t wait until they introduce Booster Gold and Blue Beetle later in the season (and of course the return of Aquaman next week).

What else is on tonight?


  • ABC: Supernanny (Reality)
  • CBS: Medium (Supernatural Drama)
  • SYFY: WWE Smackdown (Wrestling)


  • ABC: Primetime: What Would You Do? (News/Hidden Camera)
  • CBS: CSI: NY (Crime Drama)
  • CW: Supernatural (Supernatural Drama)
  • FOX: The Good Guys (Crime Drama)
  • NBC: Dateline NBC (News Showcase)


  • ABC: 20/20 (News Showcase)
  • CBS: Blue Bloods (Crime Drama)
  • E!: The Soup (Funniest Show on TV)

daily filmmaking tips

Okay, so I know I have shared plenty of tips for websites. We’ve talked about their importance in advertising (both your movie, company, and you as a filmmaker), link exchanges to network, and how they can make you look more professional. When someone is checking up on you, you can be sure that they will google search you and find your website.

There are a few key aspects that we have talked about to putting together a good website, including domain names, site design, and hosting.  Recently, one of my movie sites had a surge of visitors and while I thought everything was good [behind the scenes], the site crashed and then the interest in the site died.  What happened? I made a mistake by not monitoring my stats and monthly bandwidth. And because of this I did notice when I ran out of space and the site was taken offline by the host.

How can you fix this?  By finding the perfect web host. Your host is so important to not only keeping your website online, but also to keep it loading fast and with no missing images/glitches. A good web host will be easy to navigate and find all of the information that you need. You have to know how to control access to your website and its FTP, you need security and to know that no hackers will be getting in, you need multiple stats counters that break down your visitors along with their IP addresses and browsers they are using to get to you, easy access to a file manager, easy online bill pay with automatic reminders. It is also nice to find web hosts that offer a lot of perks, like full libraries of codes, CGI scripts, and advertising tools. Don’t just settle for any one, find the perfect host for the space you need and the visitors that you think you’ll be getting.

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