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So, you have an awesome script, talked to a few actors who are interested in bringing it to life, and you are ready to make your feature film directing debut? You’ll need money… a lot of money.

One thing that is important right off the bat, is to check your personal finances. Will you be able to support yourself for weeks or months while you’ll be making no money? Will you have to borrow money, live off your partner, or take out personal loans just to survive? Not many people know this, but raising funds and trying to get the budget for a feature film can be a full time job. You’ll have to go on meeting after meeting, put together a mega information packet on the project, a full proposal, a budget, and a timeline of how investors can expect to make back their money. This is no easy task. Which is why my first question is; are you able to work a full time job without getting paid?

Okay, so you cut down your monthly expenses and you’ll be working part time to make ends meet, or you’ve saved for 6 months out of the year and you’ve saved enough for the next six months, giving you plenty of time to look for big bunks to make your film. Good, that was the first thing to think about. Next, you’ll start thinking about how much you need. What is your film’s actual estimated budget?

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Stallone as The Punisher

AICN has been doing another round of fan Q&As with action movie legend Sylvester Stallone in anticipation for his upcoming flick The Expendables (which hits theaters of August 13th, 2010). These Q&As are awesome, with Stallone sharing stories about past films and dropping a lot of behind the scenes nuggets along the way. One of the questions Sly got was as follows…

“Have you ever been approached about playing the Punisher and do you have any thoughts about/interest in the character? None of the filmatizations have quite hit the spot and I always thought you were the obvious choice. Especially now you are the only actor I can imagine capable of pulling off an undiluted portrayal of Frank Castle with his Vietnam war origin intact. My imaginary dream project would be a run of HBO miniseries’ adapting Garth Ennis’ defining run on Punisher MAX mixing real-life horrors with bloody vigilante justice. You are probably not familiar with it, but with Rambo fresh in mind the material and sensibilities should be right up your alley.”

To which, he replied…

“I’m very interested in THE PUNISHER on several levels and think the story should be resuscitated with or without me. Its just always been mounted improperly.”

If I was Marvel Studios, I’d be on the phone with Stallone’s people right now.  Who could better step into the shoes of Marvel’s ultimate vigilante then one of the biggest action movie stars of all time? Not only does Sly look the part, but he could direct the thing better than anyone Marvel has gotten in the past.  Bring the gore of the latest Rambo, with the broken ex-boxer of Rocky Balboa and you have Frank Castle. A man with nothing, fighting for vengeance and to make sure no one loses what he has already lost. At Comic-con, Marvel Studios revealed that they have gotten the rights for The Punisher back and that they would like to make a movie that does his justice, well Marvel, now is your chance!

Check out day 5 of Stallone’s fan Q&A here, click on cool news for the rest.

Okay, so my mind has just been blown. Satellite Internet service? I just stumbled upon this and I’m semi shocked that it both exists and that I didn’t know about it until now. Using Satellites you can now get faster Internet pretty much anywhere, and not get stuck with dial up, or even worse, no Internet.

For satellite Internet all that you’ll need is a 26″ satellite mini-dish on your roof and a small modem by your computer. That’s it. The speed you’ll get is as much as 30 times faster than dial-up! Living or working in a rural area does not have to slow you down anymore.

Now, you can live in a cabin in the woods surrounded by forest and the woods and get away from civilization and still stay connected. I’ve been planning a couple month getaway for a while. It would be a dream to get away with my fiancé and my laptop and not have the everyday worries of working and paying bills. I’d be able to clear my head and just focus on my writing for a chance. Maybe that would help me get out of this writer’s block I’ve had for years.

If you had a chance to get away from the world and write, would you? And what would you write?

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The folks at NBC were kind enough to put the Chuck panel up online. This is the whole panel minus any clips they showed (with a few annoying but understandable commercials mixed in). Enjoy it… (expect spoilers)

(Now, I’m going to talk about spoilers) I love the idea of the CIA taking over the Buy More and adding other agents into the mix. It should be funny to see how Jeffster, Big Mike, and the others react to this. Linda Hamilton as Chuck’s mom is completely basass, I just hope she is good and not evil. I hope we can see some of what happened to Chuck’s parents in the past.

Other casting news; Olivia Munn and the “Old Spice” guy Isaiah Mustafa will be guest starring as CIA agents, and villains Stone Cold Steve Austin and Nicole Richie will be returning. With Richie returning, hopefully that means we’ll learn more about Sarah’s mysterious past. I also love the addition of Mekenna Melvin as Casey’s daughter Alex. I really hope that we’ll see more of her in the upcoming season.

Are you excited about the new season of Chuck? Discuss it below! NBC’s Comic Con panels for The Event, The Cape, and Community are also online, you can check them out here.

Recently, DC Comics put together a test video for a proposed Blue Beetle live-action TV series. I gotta say, I dig it. Watch it below…

The proposed series would follow the latest incarnation of the Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes, a teenager from Texas who the scarab chooses as its next host. In his short timespan as the hero, Reyes has been a member of the Teen Titans and has appeared in the animated series Batman: The Brave and the Bold. At Comic-Con, it was revealed that he would be appearing in an episode of Smallville‘s final season along with fan favorite hero Booster Gold. Could DC be hoping to use Smallville to spin the character into his own series? It seems like a smart plan to me.

Persons Unknown

Actually, the better question might be; have you seen where Persons Unknown has gone? The series got off to a very slow (and anti-climatic) start, but with a strong premise, a stylized visual presentation, and interesting characters it showed potential. Then, NBC struck. I sat down to watch the show one day to find that it was moved an hour earlier without any notice (TV Guide didn’t even have this update), and the following week it was just gone.


That is what I thought until this past Saturday when I caught the last 5 minutes of a new episode.  Is it really hard for NBC to promote the timeslot change, or better yet, let the series ride out in the slot that it began in. Sure, the series might not be killing in the ratings department, but with constant time changes and no notice to viewers, they are alienating the few viewers the show does have.  Thankfully, we can check out new episodes online.  I’m going to catch up on the series, hoping that it hits its potential and that NBC will air the rest of the episodes giving it a proper ending. The newest three episodes are linked on Persons Unknown‘s 141tv profile.

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Franken-Castle issue 19

Okay, I’ll admit it, I’ve been a bit out of the loop with comics lately. How in the world did I miss Frank Castle, aka the Punisher, get slaughtered and revived as a frankenstein-like monster?  I missed there first fight, but this week Franken-Castle gets a rematch with the man that killed him, Wolverine’s son Daken.  Fraken-Castle #19 brings us part two of “Punishment”, which crosses over with Dark Wolverine.

Written by Rick Remender with pencils/ink by Tony Moore. Here is how Marvel Comics describes the new issue:

“The rematch you begged for: Punisher vs Daken! A few months ago, Wolverine’s son hunted down Frank Castle at the behest of a vengeance-seeking Norman Osborn and sliced him to ribbons. But Frank’s feeling better now, and he’s ready for round two – as Franken-Castle! Everything you ever wanted all in one comic – in the most brutal, down-in-the-dirt, blood-soaked, slugfest the law will allow per page — guaranteed to kick you right in your damned face, in mighty Marvel fashion, naturally.”

The issue hits stands earlier today!

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